Every Day Is Like Sunday 2013-0-11

Jan 19, 2013 by EveryDay

It's guests galore tonight!  

Joseph Martin - resdent DJ at Fractal Forest/Shambhala & Intimate, and mastermind behind East Van Digital - swings by for a chat.  He'll be playing at the Marine Inn Saturday night for the CJMP/ Friends of the Library fundraiser dance party - DO NOT MISS IT!  And check out more of Joseph's music at www.eastvandigital.com

Also in studio is craft beer prophet/ blogger & former CAMRA Vancouver President Paddy Treavor talking about, of all things, craft beer!  And the wacky (read: archaic & incomprehensible) world of BC liquor laws.  Check out his blog VanEast Beer Blog www.eastsidebeer.blogspot.com and get involved with CAMRA at www.camrabc.ca  www.camravancouver.ca  www.camra.ca  www.camrafraservalley.ca (can www.camrasunshinecoast.ca be far behind???)

And last but not least, Sunshine Coast MLA Nicholas Simons pops in for his usual weekly chat as well.

Plus music!  Tame Impala, The Magnetic Fields, Japandroids, Broken Social Scene, Budokan & more.


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