Green Cleaning (& City Curbside Composting Pilot)

Jun 29, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

In this episode we take a look inside our kitchen and bathroom cupboards to sniff out what kinds of cleaners are truly user AND planet friendly.  It isn’t as easy as you may hope. The good news is, you can usually whip up the cleaning product you need from a short list of ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen pantry.  

We also hear about the coming City curbside composting pilot project. Will your household be one of the 400 selected for the pilot?  And now that it’s once again bear season, we hear from our local WildSafe BC community coordinator about how to keep curious bears out of your home.  We’re also going to tune into the inspiring Ocean Legacy Project’s work, and chat with the co-founder, Chloe Dubois, to hear how they are finding ways to not only help volunteers clean up the oceans, but also how to make it possible to responsibly reuse and recycle found items.

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Let's Talk Trash - April edition

May 1, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

An Earth Month celebration!  Tune in to hear a quick summary of some of the events and activities that took place during April to celebrate Earth Month Powell River.  We speak to 3 movers and shakers, Lesley Thorsell, Shaunalee Yates and Wendy Drummond.  Hear some progress being made on the Boomerang Bags Powell River initiative amongst some other great conversation!

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Let's Talk Trash - March episode

Apr 4, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

It's time to get into the garden!  Tune in for some zero waste gardening tips, hear some reactions from local folks on the new Save-On Foods bag charge policy and learn about an upcoming initiative happening right here in Powell River - Boomerang Bags.  Plus, we air a new muscial track from Adham Shaikh that takes a good look into the over use of paper cups.

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Plastic Free Food?

Mar 1, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

When you order your next fish taco, you probably won’t be expecting a side dish of plastic, but in a world of increasing plastic pollution, it isn’t so far fetched a possibility.  Shellfish lovers alone are eating up to 11,000 plastic fragments in their seafood each year. There is no longer a question whether we are eating plastic in our seafood.  But, “How did we get here?” And “What do we do about it?”  Tune in for some simple tips to curb your dependence on plastic.

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Let's Talk Trash - January edition

Jan 30, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

Happy 2017!  On our 70th edition of the Let's Talk Trash radio show we start the new year off with a conversation focused on repurposing.  The world of upcycling and repurposing is a deep wormhole you can delve into.  We scratch the surface and start to dream for what can be possible at Powell River's Resource Recovery Centre.  The conversation looks at industrial and reuse opportunities.  Have or work at a business in Powell River that disposes of some sort of 'waste' that seems just too good to waste?  Let us know! 

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What is Waste?

Nov 25, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

What is waste? We throw around terms like garbage, trash and waste without asking if we’re talking about the same thing. If garbage means that something has come to the end of its life, then how do we determine when this is? Our stuff doesn’t have a heart beat.  In this episode we evaluate two of the biggest contributors to our landfills (Edible Food & Construction & Demolition Waste) and consider what we could do to extend their life. 

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Deep in the Recycling

Oct 28, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

During the October edition of Let's Talk Trash, we dig into the recycling.  What happens and where does it go?  As we move past the first layer the occurrance of 'leakage' and the conversation about oversea sales of some of our recycling comes up.  Join the discussion to find out why you might want to be curious about what exactly happens when you toss an item into a recycling bin.

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Maker Spaces, eWaste & Community Composting

Sep 29, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

This episode you'll hear how two local tech heroes are creating a Maker Space in Powell River.  We'll also dive deeper into the topic of eWaste with a returning guest who will discuss candidly about what really happens to electronics once they hit the recycling bin.
Details of the coming community compost drop off pilot will be revealed, including why compostable plastics are out of the program.

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Community Composting

Aug 26, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

It's been almost 20 years since the first attempt of a community-wide composting program.  And finally, after much anticipation, Powell River will be launching what is accpected to be our region's long term solution for diverting food scraps and yard waste out of the waste stream.  Dubbed a pilot project but expected to carry on into the future, Powell River's Community Organics Recycling Exchange (C.O.R.E) program will officially launch on October 1st of this year.  Tune in to get more details and to hear an interview with Bert Baillie, a local Irish man who tried to get this going back in the early 90's.

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A Conversation on Resource Recovery in Powell River

Jul 30, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

Hot off the airwaves, July's radio show features the exciting news of Powell River's confirmation in a federal grant for $6 million dollars towards the clean up of an old incinerator site and its conversion into a Resource Recovery Centre!

Hear from 3 local Powell Riverites who are equally excited about this concept and offer a glimpse into their resource recovery fortes. We have biochar guru Ron Berezan, textile/fibre artist Wendy Drummon, and an authentic e-waste recycler David Repa (Founder of the Hackery and co-founder of Free Geek Vancouver.

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Green Burial

Jul 2, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

As the population on Earth grows, so too does the one right below its surface.   60 million of us are shuffling off this mortal coil every year.

This show is about reconnecting with the reality and potential beauty of dying, death and burial.  We’ll take an honest look at the industry and bureaucracy of funerals and burials, and explore the concept of green burial, and its claims for a lighter footprint and more intimate passing.

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Jun 2, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

Tune into hear how the local collection of illegally dumped trash was transformed into an opportunity to make treasure from trash. 

Tired of plastic bag bans that are all bark but no bite?  Hear where things are at with Victoria's bag ban. 

Fast Fashion is starting to get the reputation it deserves.  Learn about the true cost of the textiles industry.

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letstalktrash April 2016

May 3, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

It's time for some Spring Cleaning!  Starting with clearing the plastic out of our kitchens, bathrooms and lives in general and moving on to cleaning up illegally dumped trash in our neighbourhood. 

As Bill Nye the Science Guy says, "if you want to leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you've got to clean up someone else's trash."

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Let's Talk Trash - Earth Month

Apr 7, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

Powell River is celebrating its first EARTH MONTH!  Tune in to learn about all the amazing things that are going on in this community from one of the fantastic organizers, Janet Southcott.  Also, meet Liam if you haven't yet.  Apple's new 29 armed robot who can disassemble an iPhone 6 in 11 seconds, recovering 97% of the components.  Impressive, but what would impress us more is designing for the environment so that we don't need to create robots to disassemble our products!

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Let Talk Trash-The True Cost of Clothing - February 2016

Feb 27, 2016 by LetsTalkTrash

Beyond the price tag, what is the true cost of our clothing?

Tune in to find out why the price of fashion is decreasing, what’s in clothing dye, and how are brains reward us shopping for bargains.

Powell River's natural dye master, Amber Friedman, is our special guest this episode, sharing about steps to take to minimize fashion footprint while still looking fabulous.

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