2018 Highlights & Food Waste

Dec 27, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

End of 2018 show, highlighting some of the big news stories in waste reduction this last turn of the wheel.  We'll also talk about food waste, a hot topic during the holiday season. Finishing off with touch on some of the new policies coming into action globally and federally relating to plastic waste reduction.  A good way to end the year indeed!

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Keeping it Green!

Dec 6, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

In our show this month we take a look at how the film industry in Vancouver is keeping it green.  A local Powell Riverite is a big force behind the scenes working on this initiative in Vancouver.  Tune and listen to our interview with Kelsey.  We also speak to UBC's Bike Hub coordinator to learn about the interesting bike co-op initiatives happening on campus. 


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Happy Spooky October

Oct 26, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

Let's Talk Trash ventures down Vancouver Island this month to share some stories about two great organizations doing some amazing waste diversion and redistribution.  We also talk to a young local who has a passion for vacuums and bringing them back to life.  We also feature some Halloween season waste reduction tips and tricks.

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Let's Talk Trash - Systems

Sep 30, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

Tune into the September edition of the Let's Talk Trash radio show and hear a live rendition from the renowned spoken word poet Joesph McLean, talkin' trash like no other.  Also featured in our show this month we switch gears and look at treating waste reduction or managment programs more systematically across the US, here in BC and locally in Powell River.

And note - changes to how we sort waste at Augusta will start October 1st.  Tune in for further details.  

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Building Alternatively

Aug 30, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

A show where we deconstruct building materials to take a closer look at what we build with and how it affects the planet. Hear from an experienced Natural Building designer and educator, Elke Cole, who shares about why local resources are best.  We also connect with Dawn Smith, a natural builder who unpacks why natural buildings aren't the answer for every site. Finally, we consider the role of concrete in building, and explore the plus-es and minus-es of alternatives, like hempcrete, papercrete and aircrete.

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History of Packaging & Zero Waste Preschool

Jul 30, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

In the first half of our show we will go on a packaging adventure tour. We’ll travel from the early days of leaves, pots glass and wood to today's abundance of plastic and laminate packaging to future packaging where innovators look back to nature to provide the packaging solution. For the second part of our show we will talk to local Director of Child and Family Services at the Cranberry Child Development and Family Resource Centre, Ocean Van Samang about how she and her colleagues are turning their facility and preschool Zero Waste.

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Natural Beauty Products

Jul 2, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

Today's episode looks at the ugly side of conventional beauty products.  We open the lid on the shampoos, lotions and scents we spend our lives bathed in.  We'll hear from Amber Freidman, creatress of 'Solar Infused Beauty'. She shares her conversion from off the shelf products to making her own at home.  We also sit in on part of a Zero Waste Beauty workshop offered in Hawaii by Chantelle Okel. She teaches about making things that are good for our skin from items found in most people's kitchen.  Chantelle's guiding mantra?  If you can't eat it, don't wear it!


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Let's Talk Trash - Community Synergy & New Plastics Collection

Jun 6, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

During this May episode of Let's Talk Trash we review the amazing community cleanup efforts that have been happening over the past 2 months.  From multiple beach cleanups to picking up abandoned trailers and trash litter in local trails, hundreds of local residents have been getting their hands dirty in attempts to keep Powell River clean.

Also in our headlines this month - starting June 1 all Powell River Regional District recycling depots will be accepting a new category of plastic packaging.  Cereal box bags, crinkly plastic packaging, pasta bags and foil coffee bags for example are all now accepted.  Tune in to find out more!

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Zero Waste Hawaii Style

Apr 29, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

Small scale communities in Hawaii are moving towards zero waste. We’ll go to the Big Island to hear how the Kalanihonua retreat centre is aiming to close the loop and live in greater harmony with the surrounding jungle.  From using pineapple cuttings to make delicious tea, to dedicating a room to host its permannent Free Boutique, to raiding the dumpster for flower planters, Kalani proves a good test case for how we can apply similar efforts in larger towns and cities. We’ll also take a peek at how a Hawaiian music festival kept over 300 pounds of compost from the landfill by creating onsite compost piles to feed local fruit trees. We’ll learn why the team lead, Scott Layback, had volunteers sort through all the garbage, compost and recycling  at the main entrance to the festival.

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Let's Talk Trash - Earth Month Promo!

Apr 4, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

It's April - it's Earth Month in Powell River!  On our March edition of Let's Talk Trash, we dedicate our show to promoting all the great initiatives, events and happenings that are taking place in April in celebration of Earth Month.  We also hear from one amazing Powell Riverite who took on the challenge last year during Earth Month to purchase no clothing for an entire year!  We catch up with Meghan to hear about the trials and tribulations of her challenges as she nears the end of the year long effort.  Check out the Earth Month website for the lastest up-to-date information on what's happening around Powell River - earthmonthpr.wordpress.com

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Let's Talk Trash - Possessions & End of Life

Feb 23, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

This episode concludes our 3 part series.  In this Febrauary edition we explore what happens to our possession at the end of our mortal life.  Why do we cling to some material goods with what seems to be a death grip?  As we delve into this topic we'll hear some interesting discussions, personal accounts as well as hearing a quick clip of Margerta Magnusson as she explains the concept of Swedish Death Cleaning.  

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Let's Talk Trash - Minimalism

Jan 28, 2018 by LetsTalkTrash

This is the second episode of a three part series.  On this show we explore our relationship to our belongings. All the items we have in our closets, garages and storage lockers came into our lives, supposedly to make them more fun and easy, but is that the reality? Last month we considered the topic of consumerism. We talked about that fuzzy line between owning things and them owning us. Today we’ll be investigating why some people are purging their belongings in order to pursue a minimalistic lifestyle.  Hear from two locals who took on minimalism in order to collect experiences, not things.

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Let's Talk Trash - Consumerism on a Diet

Dec 30, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

We start a 3 part series - in this first episode we explore consumerism, the concept of hoarding and putting the relationship we have to our belongings under the microscope.  In January we'll delve into its opposite, minimialism and Feburary will conclude our series wth looking into what happens to our stuff when we pass on from this life.

Tune into our December show to consider where that fine line is between owning things and them owning us.  Get your monkey mind thinking about what drives our materialism and the psychology of hoarding.  

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November edition of Let's Talk Trash

Dec 6, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

Tune in our November show to find out about China's National Sword Initative and how that is affecting recyclables both here in Powell River and abroad.  We interview local Sunshine Disposal and Recycling owner Dale McCormack to find out more.  Also, Lesley Thorsell chats with us about the launch of Boomerang Bags Powell River!

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Let's Talk Trash - Psychological Dumping

Oct 27, 2017 by LetsTalkTrash

This October edition of the Let's Talk Trash features an interview with our local plant based lens and frames retail outlet owner, Cindy Gaudin. Intriguing discussion about new plant based eyewear, finally an alternative to petrolumn based products and these fancy glasses, including sunglasses are produced in a zero waste lab! We then head into the concept of illegal dumping with a new twist from a psychological angle. Check it out!

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