Feeding Time-2020-02-07- Israel

Feb 17, 2020 by Feeding Time

an hour of great music from Israel


A-Wa - Habib Galbi, Al Asad, Hana Mash Al Yaman

YammaEnsamble - Psalms 104 Sung In Ancient Hebrew
The Idan Rachel Project - Ashav Korov, Scraps Of Life 
Dikla - One Day
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Feeding Time-2020-02-14-Africa

Feb 14, 2020 by Feeding Time

Another hour of great music from Mali, and promoting The Trmblers Of Sevens mini tour.


Tremblers Of Sevens - John The Revolator

Neba Solo - Muscow

Rokia Kone - Sanou Bonba

Yoro Diallo - Walae Solomani Kana Miri

Coumba Sidibe - Sanghan

Aichata Sidibe - Djembena

Harouna Sidibe - Tamadjoudjou

Madjan Doumbia - Konokassi


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Feeding Time-2020-01-24- Reggae

Jan 24, 2020 by Feeding Time

Tribute To The Pow! Town Get Down


Tremblers Of Sevens - Poison

Natural Mystic - Just A Bit

Vanupie - Rockdown

Vanupei - Sharing The Light

Rafael Cardoso - System Is The Vampire

Cuato Vietos Danit

Ras & Queen Sparrow - Zion Town

Ben Harper - Jaha Work

I Kong &  Najavibes - Lifes Road. 

Dub Princess &Sneaky Dread - Soulboy

Dub Princess & sneaky Dread





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Feeding Time-2020-01-17- Ukraine

Jan 17, 2020 by Feeding Time

An hour of music from Ukraine


Folknery - Karchata

DakhaBrakha - Yanky

DakhaBrakha - Vensa

Onuka - Zenit

Plach Yeremmi

Krystyna Sloviy - Trymai

Zymosis - Sweet Sadness

DakhaBrakha - Tiny Desk Concert clip. 


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Feeding Time-2020-01-10- Mali

Jan 10, 2020 by Feeding Time

1Hour Of Everything Mali


Issa Bagayogo - Chaffeur

Issa Bagayogo - Madomba

Dieneba Seck - Armee Mali

Dousou Bagayogo - Nfd Kamoko

Van Baxy and Matta Diarra - Bamako Sigui

Van Baxy and Matta diarra - Thiela Sigui

Sali Sidibe - Faso Kanou

Tata Diakite - Tatani Ben. 

Ramata Diakite Sonte Saramela


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Feeding Time-2019-12-27-Psychedelic Folk

Jan 3, 2020 by Feeding Time

Ah yes, the last show of the decade. An hour of Psychedelic folk music from the late 60,s and early 70,s.

Playlist ; Not In Order.

The Insect Trust - Declaration Of Independence 

Linda Perhacs - Porcelon

Mark Fry - The Witch

Sand - May Rain

Sunforest - Where Are You

Witchwood - Strawbs

Bill Fay - Screams In The Ear

Bonnie Dobson - Winters Going

Buffy St. Marie - Adam

Dr. John - Danse Kalinda Ba Doom

Emtida - Love Time Rain

Ill Wind - Sleep


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Feeding Time-2019-12-20- Africa, Mali, Female Artists

Dec 21, 2019 by Feeding Time

Huge shout out to everyone at C.J.M.P. for your open arms and guidence in helping me out in doing what I LOVE to do best. That is my radio show, It is so amazingly awesome to get on the air waves and play for anyone who listens what feels so good to me. The best form of channeling my emotions. Thanks to all of you. I LOVE you all so much. So sincerly, Nabob. 

Playlist; ;

Oumou Sangare - Iyo Djeli

Na Hawa Doumbia - Dan Te Dinge La

Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam - Baara

Sali Sidibe - Toukan Magni

Dienaba Diakite - Nale Nale

Oumou Sangare - Duga Kelemba


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Feeding Time-2019-12-13-Tee Pee Records Special With Tony P.

Dec 13, 2019 by Feeding Time

Feeding Time special with co-host Tony P. Founder and Former owner of the Tee Pee record label, Fun times. Mental note to self: Make sure you press stop on the you tube vid before you turn the mikes back on. Jeeshhhh.

Playlist ;

Jason Simon - I Let It Go

Nebula - Let It Burn

Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live

Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight - Trapeze

The Enterence Band - Easy Seedless Peelers

Gaveyard - Evil Ways



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Feeding Time-2019-12-06- African Jazz

Dec 7, 2019 by Feeding Time

4 Tracks of great African Jazz fill another super fun episode of Feeding Time. Music from South Africa as well as Nigeria. Funny and fun as always Who,s Who At The Zoo. 


Batsumi - Lishonile

Batsumi - Itumeleng

MlindoThe Vocalist - Emakhay

Olufela Olosegun Oludoton Ransome Kuti A.K.A. Fela Kuti - Beast Of No Nation.


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Feeding Time-2019-11-22- Hour 3 Of 3-Hard Driving Psychedelic ROCK!!!

Nov 23, 2019 by Feeding Time

Some of the heaviest I could find all from D.J. Tony P,s old record labal TEE PEE Records.https://teepeerecords.com/  DO NOT download or press play unless you want your brain melted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Seriously!!!

Give me silence and I can walk up Valentine Mountain. Give me this, and I feel like I could run up to the top of Mount. Everest. This Awesomness is the best naturaul HIGH on EARTH!!! The huggest thanks to David and The Unending Subtilties Of River Power for bringing it all back for me about 6 years ago. I thought this genre of music died out after Marty Balin left The Plane in 71. Boy was I ever wrong. Of all the genres of music that fascinates me,,,,,,,this is #  Fucking # 1  I am not much of a metal man, but combine that with psych and I am hooked. Cheers to all who LOVE Psychedelic music!!!


Harsh Toke  - Plug Into The Moon

Earthless - Flower Travelin Man

Earthless - Lost In The Cold Sun



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Every Day Is Not Like Friday-2019-11-22-Hour 2 Of 3 -Pretending To Be Bad Karen

Nov 23, 2019 by Feeding Time

 Fun,Fun,Fun For Everyone!!! Well at least for me. I had such a blast doing this!!! Whoooo Gotta love C.J.M.P.!!! And Community Radio. BIG shout out to B.K. for letting me have a blast in your time slot while you were fighting a cold. 


The Beasty Boys - Sabatoge

The Beasty Boys - Intergalactic

Fat Boy Slim - Weapons Of Choice

Fat Boy Slim - Right Here Right Now

Partner - Fun For Everyone - 

Teddy Bear - Cobra Style

Blue Boy - Remember Me

Swamp Funk - Stupid Human Edit

Funky Destination - Inside Man

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Hihache

Koffee - Toast

Koffee - 1st Time In The Studio



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Feeding Time-2019-11-22- 1st Hour Of 3 / Female Folk

Nov 23, 2019 by Feeding Time

Hour 1 of 3. Taking one for the team and keeping it live for 3 hours. Some really great female folk artists. 


Laura Love - Things I Heard People Think

Laura Love and Orville Johnson - The Cookoo

Patty Griffen - Where I come From

Patty Griffen - You Never Get What You Want

Alela Diane - Pieces of String

Alela Diane - White As Diamonds

Alela Diane - The Pirates Gospel

Rachelle Van Zenten - Jerry The Rooster

Laura Marling - Devils Spoke

Laura Marling - Is A Hope


Sara Blasko - All I Want

Sara Blasko Bury This

Rachelle Van Zenten - Showerhead

Rachelle Van Zenten - Windmill

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Feeding Time-2019-11-15 Bluegrass

Nov 16, 2019 by Feeding Time

As always, searching the world for great music most people have not heard. With the exception of The Gravel Aires, An hour of almost all high octain Bluegrass music, great stuff.  


The Gravel Aires - Help Me Hanna

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley - Freeborn Man

Trampeled by Turtles - Codeine

Trampelled By Turtles - Wait So Long

Billy Strings - Long Forgoten Dream

Town Mountain - Lawdog

Town Mountain - Tick On A Dog

Shovel & Rope - Gasoline

Rob Ickes &Trey Hensley - Born With The Blues

Tom Waits - Strret Gun Girl

Molly Tuttle - Rain & Snow




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Feeding Time-2019-11-08- Trip Hop and Remixes

Nov 9, 2019 by Feeding Time

Play list:

Kurup - Joeira

Umoja - Rabia

Chancha Via Circuto - Sueno En Paraguay

Barrio Lindo and El Buho - Ruba Juan Kita

Spy From Cairo - Ride My Camel

Nicola Cruz - Danzade De Vision

Gramatic - Muy Tranquilo

El Buho - Esporando La Tormta

El Buho - Chingaza

Nicola Cruz - Aquas Claras

Nicola Cruz - Calchaqui

Rene Aubry - Deferlante


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Feeding Time-2019-11-01-West Africa, Guinea, Ghana, and Angola

Nov 1, 2019 by Feeding Time


Super Mama Djombo - Sol Maior Para Comanda

Ebo Tyler - Atwer Aboroba

Teta Lando - Massanga Mame

Super Mama Djombo b- Jamm Session

Super Mama Djombo - Amilcar Cabral { Chefi Di Guerra }


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