Feeding Time-2019-11-15 Bluegrass

Nov 16, 2019 by Feeding Time

As always, searching the world for great music most people have not heard. With the exception of The Gravel Aires, An hour of almost all high octain Bluegrass music, great stuff.  


The Gravel Aires - Help Me Hanna

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley - Freeborn Man

Trampeled by Turtles - Codeine

Trampelled By Turtles - Wait So Long

Billy Strings - Long Forgoten Dream

Town Mountain - Lawdog

Town Mountain - Tick On A Dog

Shovel & Rope - Gasoline

Rob Ickes &Trey Hensley - Born With The Blues

Tom Waits - Strret Gun Girl

Molly Tuttle - Rain & Snow




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Feeding Time-2018-10-26- Psychedelic Blues

Sep 29, 2019 by Feeding Time

 Tremblers Of Sevens studio release titled  Aleppo, the destruction of Aleppo, and the uthenitation of everybody,s favorite Chocolate Lab named Diesal. Sad day. Cheers.

Dedicated to George, Joanne, and Diesal. R.I.P. Buddy. 


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Feeding Time-2018-12-28- Bluegrass

Sep 28, 2019 by Feeding Time

An hour of great Bluegrass music


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Feeding Time-2019-08-16- Blues, Folk, Rock mix.

Sep 21, 2019 by Feeding Time

Another fantastic hour of music you probably have never heard before. 

Valerie June

Alicia Phoeb Lou

Kat Clyde


Dannial Norgran

Kevin Morby

The Rainbow Girls


Lola marsh

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Feeding Time-2019-06-21- Left overs

Sep 15, 2019 by Feeding Time

Left overs

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Feb 9, 2018 by FreqDown

Hour one: Features Garage, Surf and rockabilly from around 2012-15

Hour Two: continues with similar sounds. Switching to early 60's surf and rock'n'roll for 4:20. And ending the show up with some Folk and Cajun Blues from bands that will be performing shows in town on Feb 9th & 10th. ENJOY!


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Nov 18, 2017 by FreqDown

...PART TWO. #Hillbilly, #Blues, #Rockabilly, #Surf, #Garage, #Punk

For 4:20 a found piece of art in a film called GHOST WORLD. Originally from a 1965 movie produced in India called GUMNAAM. The very unique multi- genre track "Jaan Pehechaan Ho" by Mohammed Rafi. Here is a link to a youtube clip of the song in the movie Gunaam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnBbjc5hmho

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Apr 6, 2017 by FreqDown

1950's Blues and Mambo, Surf-Rock and Rockabilly from the 1960's to present Plus some Psychobilly & Hot Rod BURNOUTS!!!!

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Jan 15, 2017 by FreqDown

Frequency Downshifting from Jan 11 2017. Slightly edited. I was tired and not the most punctual with my comentary. I cut out alot of uhm's and ahh's. let me know if you can tell.

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Sep 9, 2016 by FreqDown

The Premiere of Frequency Downshifting CJMP 90.1fm Powell River

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Blue Anarchy Debut on The FFExpress 1-4-15

Jan 4, 2015 by The Film and Festival Express

Blue Anarchy is the hottest new band coming straight out of the Bay Area.

Keep your eyes peeled for Blue Anarchy's website coming soon, and ears open for some more original music and covers!


Quin Flannery - Bass/Vocals
Rachel McGuire - Guitar/Vocals
Gabriel Garza - Drums/Vocals


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The Film and Festival Express October 6th, 2013

Oct 7, 2013 by The Film and Festival Express

The Infamous Tahoe Tweezer from Phish, Mr Fire's "This Day in Music History" with Manu Chao, Cake (and more). live from the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass webcast: Tom O'Brien and Daryll Scott, Chris Isaak, Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. Grateful Dead Help>Slip>Franklin's 06-10-76 Boston Music Hall...and...MORE!


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