Sep 3, 2020 by LetsTalkTrash

Making Peace with Invasives

Weeds and invasive species. Are they friend or foe? We look at these sometimes maligned plants from a few angles in this episode. Aryuvedic practitioner, Todd Coldecott, chimes on their role in rebalancing both the planet and our wellness. Founder of No Spray Powell River, Lisa-Marie Bhattacharya, shares how pest management practices affect biodiversity, and finally Karen Skadesheim, talks about using so-called invasives as materials for basketry and other creative endeavors.

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Every Day Is Like Sunday 2015-09-11

Sep 11, 2015 by EveryDay

Unleash your inner superhero! 2 hours of great music from the likes of Sloan, New Order, Grimes, Aroara, St. Etienne, Seu Jorge and more! 

Plus, Powell River/Sunshine Coast MLA Nicholas Simons phones in his report of 'What's Up Down in Victoria' from Vancouver and the rebroadcast of weeks 10 & 11 of Smoke Break.


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Every Day Is Like Sunday 2015-08-28

Aug 28, 2015 by EveryDay

Well, well, well. Another day, another radio show. No guests, and the Smoke Break rebroadcast had a weird whine so was cut short :(

On the upside, loads of great music from OMD, AC Newman, The Cramps, The The, Discount Limousine and more!

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