The Pow!Town GetDown 2017_03_31

Apr 1, 2017 by PowTown

 P!TGD PODCAST! We have been blessed this week by Adham Shaikh adham shaikh with the privilege to WORLD PREMIERE his forthcoming album, SUB DUBZ! on Sonic Turtle Records

We'll also hear from IRON DUBZiLLBiLLY HiTECClinton FearonRSBBlack PanthaMichael RedDub KartelHead HighGistoRatiganDub Spencer & Trance HillZVULOON DUB SYSTEMGiant Panda Guerilla Dub SquadJungle Weed and some reggae disco!
Adham will be performing a live set 5/13 at McKinney's Pu

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The Pow!Town GetDown 2016_05_27

May 28, 2016 by PowTown


PODCAST! This weeks live broadcast, which is now rebroadcast on CJMPMondays at 8pm includes a whole heap of tunes from Gisto and Mr fantastik kaboom empire music ahead of Thursday's gig at Dred Lion Pub:Dancehall Circus Bashment! (PowellRiver) Also: Sista QuannaIndica DubsThe SteadyTones, @head high Amanda SwinimerDirty Dubsters,Oku OnuoraMikey DangerousClinton Fearon and more!!


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The Pow!Town Get Down 2015-10-02

Oct 3, 2015 by PowTown

PODCAST! This week on The Pow!Town GetDown Radio Show with DJ Triple Dub aka dubcomandante we feature an interview with top ranking Canadian reggae vocalist Gisto! Also big tunes from Sly & RobbieMishkaDub Kartel,JahranimoHouse of David GangSlightly StoopidSpiritual RezBoom One Sound System and more!!! 

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The Pow!Town GetDown 2013-11-08

Nov 9, 2013 by PowTown

Back again from a Phishy hiatus with new tunes from Sick Donkey Records, Gisto, Mungo's, plenty of Ska and so much more!! 



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