An Even Keel

Mar 25, 2017 by

England Sucks

England Sucks-Gop, Tosihiba 2060-Xerophonics, Exorcising Demons from The Hempstead Bus Depot-The Breast Fed Yak, Hippies & Cops-Eugene Chadbourne, What The Bible Says about Drugs-Chris Winkler, Kisune 5-Taku Unami, Kono Yo Ni Yomeri#2-Yasuaki Shimizu , Untitled-The Tape Beatles, Chaos Equlibrium-Egghatcher, Henry Clay-Lake of Dracula, Sacrifice-Flipper, Petulant Bureaucrats Pummeled by Peanut Butter-Fat Worm of Error, Beat on The Brat-Ramones, Also Sprach Zarathustra-Richard Strauss, Canon Np 6545 (Serial#NC512633), Xerox Docucolor 12-Xerophonics, I Love That Girl Amonia-Billy Childish

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The Training Wheel: The Melody of Forty

Oct 3, 2012 by The Training Wheel

This show dedicated to Strong Women.

Music for my sister on her birthday, inspiration from Balpreet Kaur, and  Carol Stanley hosts Literacy: It Means More Than You Think with Vanessa Sparrow. 

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