It's Go Time! podcast May 28, 2015

May 29, 2015 by JasonS


malkovich - untitled 
carcass - heartwork
das oath - tightened, solidified, cracking
malefaction - faceless thousands
raised fist - killing it
ghostlimb - document
glass and ashes - exit wound
future of the left - arming eritrae
tomahawk - god hates a coward
razor crusade - sinking with venice
jr ewing - laughing with daggers
waxwing - g
modern life is war - dead ramones
greg macpherson - the show is in the basement
razor - behind bars
thick skull - skull thickener 
minor threat - small man big mouth
hot water music - the end  

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It's Go Time! podcast May 14, 2015

May 15, 2015 by JasonS

Tempted to play White Lung the whole show, but managed to hold myself back. 


cursed - "old money"
coliseum - "wrong goodbye"
balance - "highschool (b)romance"
the chariot - "robert rios"
white lung - "drown with the monster"/"down it goes"/"snake jaw"/"face down"/"i believe you"
strain - "cataract"
toxic holocaust - "deny the truth"
cave in - "terminal diety"
white lung - "take the mirror"/"st. dad"/"thick lip"/"bag"/"bunny"
born against - "nine years later"
twelve hour turn - "how to build"
comeback kid - "should know better"
direct hit! - "the world is ending (no one cares)"
exodus - "the toxic waltz" 


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It's Go Time! podcast May 7, 2015

May 8, 2015 by JasonS

It's Go Time! May 7 featuring Jasper Sassaman and old school crossover hardcore 

bloc party - "halo"
jasper sassaman - "miracles" (live on-air)
bars of gold - "the hustle"
white lung - "i believe you"
excel - "seeing insane"
corrosion of conformity - "kiss of death"
econochrist - "withdrawal"
crumbsuckers - "just sit there"
post teens - "the heat"
off! - "poison city"
poison idea - "rhythms of insanity"
the fartz - "is this the way?" (*pictured)
cryptic slaughter - "wake up"
dr. know - "mr. freeze"
d.r.i. - "god is broke"
christ on parade - "joshua brown"
christ on a crutch - "shit edge"
crusades - "the torchbearer"
converge - "sadness comes home"  


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It's Go Time! podcast April 30, 2015

May 1, 2015 by JasonS

It's Jawbreaker night! 


jawbreaker - "tour song"
jawbreaker - "ashtray monument"
jawbreaker - "busy"
rocket from the crypt and sonny vincent - "vintage piss"
the casket lottery - "the neon and the tide"
propagandhi - "things i like"
hot water music - "remedy"
bluetip - "f-"
jawbox - "jackpot plus!"
jawbreaker - "boxcar (live)"
jawbreaker - "gemini (live)"
jawbreaker - "bad scene, everyone's fault"
the menzingers - "deep sleep"
monsula - "i see"
fuel - "the name is"
jawbreaker - "do you still hate me?"
jawbreaker - "face down" 

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It's Go Time! podcast April 16, 2015

Apr 17, 2015 by JasonS

with special guest ben wittrock of razorvoice, who brought his guitar.

here's what we played!

hot snakes - "kreative kontrol" 
anti-flag - "the great divide"
poison idea - "beautiful disaster"
ma jolie - "tired life"
asshole parade - "launch ramp"
ben wittrock - "putresence adolescent" (live performance)
boysetsfire - "after the eulogy"
suicidal tendencies - "two-sided politics"
black flag - "jealous again"
botch - "mondrian was a liar"
beach slang - "punk or lust"
bad religion - "flat earth society"
archers of loaf - "harnessed in slums"
avail - "tuesday"
ben wittrock - "screens" live performance
assuck - "corners" (*pictured) 
pig destroyer - "the bug"
napalm death - "identity crisis"
against me! - "we laugh at danger (and break all of the rules)"  

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It's Go Time! podcast April 9, 2015

Apr 10, 2015 by JasonS

poison idea - "me & jd" 
gob - "soda"
propagandhi - "the overtly political but oh so intensely personal song"
ken mode - "a passive disaster"
kittens - "orca"
kreator - "people of the lie"
white lung - "st. dad"
western addiction - "mailer, meet jim"
war on women - "pro-life?"
norma jean - "self employed chemist"
paint it black - "headfirst" (*pictured)
pig destroyer - "phantom limb"
nasum - "the smallest man"
retox - "without money we'd all be rich"
fugazi - "birthday pony"
beach slang - "we are nothing"
the front bottoms - "i swear to go the devil made me do it"
greg macpherson - "motel hotel"
sleater kinney - "bury our friends"
pj harvey - "who the fuck?"
pink mountaintops - "north hollywood microwaves"
gus - "fuckin' nazi"  

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It's Go Time! podcast March 26, 2015

Mar 27, 2015 by JasonS

christ on parade - teach your children well
huggy bear - pansy twist
the gits - while you're twisting, i'm still breathing
converge - concubine
napalm death - smash a single digit
the chariot - the city (*pictured)
post teens - crust lust
twelve hour turn - i too had potential
faith no more - superhero
sounds like violence - heartless wreck
daddy's hands - incest at best  
white lung - glue
corrosion of conformity - indifferent
trap them - day 41: every walk a quarantine
greg macpherson - tourists
the falcon - we are the bald
i spy - appliances and cars
swing kids - warsaw (joy division cover)
watain - reaping death 

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It's Go Time! podcast March 19, 2015

Mar 20, 2015 by JasonS

guest starring erin innes

future of the left - "arming aratrae"
war on women - "youtube comments"
unwound - "lucky acid"
born against - "mary and child"
line traps - "lie detector"
the blood brothers - "trash flavoured trash"
the gossip - "eyes open"
razor crusade - "put on your best suit"
these arms are snakes - "red line season"
rye coalition - "the higher the hair, the closer to god" *pictured 
torche - "healer"
touche amore - "blue angels"
white lung - "thick lip"
agatha - "breaking sound"
poor form - "boxed in"
so you think you can sleep - "police (fuck the)"
greg macpherson - "company store"
defeater - "hopeless again"  

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It's Go Time! podcast March 12, 2015

Mar 13, 2015 by JasonS

ain't it funky now? nope.

ringworm - "bleed"
suicidal tendencies - "i shot the devil"
swallowing shit - "a dying hope for a gender exclusive scene"
sweet cobra - "brux"
propagandhi - "the banger's embrace"
sacrifice - "the ones i condemn"
reversal of man - "hand me complaints please"
tubers - "small signs big posts"
waxwing - "spanish quartet"
violent soho - "gold coast"
strung out - "the animal and the machine"
against me! - "piss and vinegar"
thehell - "emerald"
attack in black - "broken things"
sleater kinney - "i'm not waiting"
small brown bike - "kingfisher"
the accused - "you only die once"
d.r.i - "i'd rather be sleeping"
d.o.a. - "war" 

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It's Go Time! podcast February 26, 2015

Feb 27, 2015 by JasonS

victoria/vancouver, bc '90s hardcore edition 

render useless - "3 am tuesday" 
ex-dead teenager - "kill the tv screens"
mblanket - "wet meat"
facepuller - "snakes in the grass"
brandnewunit - "what about u?"
soy - "context is everything"
gus - "cattle prod romeo"
goatboy - "war against oppression"
strain - "here and now"
sparkmarker - "kansas"
render useless - "becoming anti-human"
benchwarmer - "bigot"
daddy's hands - "phasers on stun"
daddy's hands - "strangled planet"
hudson mack - "wake up"
let's put the x in sex - "filler" (minor threat cover)
republic of freedom fighters - "this father's father"
the measure - "little earthquake"
line traps - "static shock"
six brew bantha - "fisgard block party"
balance - "highschool (b)romance"  


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It's Go Time! podcast February 12, 2015

Feb 13, 2015 by JasonS

i say, oh... my... god! 

it's go time playlist feb 12/15 

minor threat - filler 

waxwing - records 

norma jean - triffid 

toxic holocaust - deny the truth 

pup - reservoir 

modern life is war - media cunt 

bikini kill - new radio 

line traps - lie detector 

code orange - i am king 

greg macpherson - tourists

young widows - kerosene girl 

sunshine state - amanda 

paint it black - salem 

post teens - polyamory 

war on women - second wave goodbye 

touche amore - just exist 

rotting out - a question 

poison idea - alan's on fire 

nomeansno - the hawk killed the punk 

propagandhi - failed states 

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It's Go Time! podcast February 5, 2015

Feb 7, 2015 by JasonS


Annihilating your ear holes once again: 


punch - not sorry

coliseum - drums and amplifiers

white lung - i believe you 

whores - baby bird

war on women - pro-life?

raised fist - flow 

lagwagon - made of broken parts

the lawrence arms - chilean district 

line traps - patterns 

pink mountaintops - the second summer of love 

hot water music - paid in full

sleater kinney - fangless

against me! - transgender dysphoria blues

the front bottoms - flying model rockets 

the smith street band - i don't want to die anymore 

beach slang - american girls and french kisses 

retox - death will change your life 

the night marchers - fisting the fan base 

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Guttermouth/ Get Away Van Interview

Aug 20, 2012 by EveryDay

Bad Karen & Jason Schreurs interview Mark Adkins, lead singer of SoCal skate punk band Guttermouth, and members of Roberts Creek band Get Away Van.  It was late at night ...  Parental guidance is recommended.

[side note from Bad Karen:  listening to this interview reminds me very much of the heady days of the legendary late night music video show Soundproof on Shaw Cable TV North Vancouver.  I would be sidekick Buzz Miller to Jason's Dave Toddington.  Discuss]

Download Guttermouth/ Get Away Van Interview as MP3

It's Go Time for August 4, 2012

Aug 5, 2012 by JasonS

My last show in a few weeks tests the boundaries of genre classification. Plus, someone's caught with their pants down!


Helmet - "Exactly What You Wanted" 

Hot Snakes - "Kreative Kontrol"

The Blood Brothers - "Fucking's Greatest Hits" 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll (Swiss Andy remix)" 

Converge - "Lonewolves" 

Sounds Like Violence - "Transparent" 

Tubers - "Small Signs, Big Posts" 
Hot Water Music - "Remedy" 
Blackstreet w/ Dre - "No Diggity" 
Iron Maiden - "Blood Brothers" 
AC/DC - "Caught with Your Pants Down" 
Fugazi - "Five Corporations" 
The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Black Bubblegum" 
Kids & Explosions - "Sex Fight" 
The Jealous Sound - "Got Friends" 
Jimmy Eat World - "Nothingwrong"
Kylesa - "Cheating Synergy" 
P J Harvey - "Who the Fuck?"
The XX - "Crystalized" 
Gotye - "Somebody I Used to Know (Swiss Andy remix)"
Sparkmarker - "Kansas"
The Loved Ones - "Keep Coming Back" 
Bruce Springsteen - "I'm on Fire" 
Everclear - "Summerland" 
Local H - "Bound for the Floor" 
Lamb of God/Kesha - "Tick Tock Redneck (mashup)"
Glass and Ashes - "Dead Bodies Skyscrapers High"
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It's Go Time! for July 28, 2012

Jul 30, 2012 by JasonS

The Sea Fair edition was sloppy yet still amazingly executed. And a good mix of tunes, yo.

Tonight's playlist: 

Future of the Left - "Arming Eritrea" 
Fugazi - "Instrument" 
YACHT - "I Walked Alone" 
The Night Marchers - "Closed for Inventory" 
Attack in Black - "Broken Things" 
Michael Jackson - "They Don't Care About Us" 
Cancer Bats - "Hail Destroyer" 
Borgore - "Flex (dubstep)"
Skrillex - "First of the Year (Equinox)"
Milemarker - "Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest" 
Bob Mould - "Very Temporary" 
The Menzingers - "Deep Sleep" 
The Chariot - "And Shot Each Other" 
McLusky - "Day of the Deadbringers" 
M.O.D. - "Wigga" 
KEN Mode - "Mako Shark" 
Foo Fighters - "White Limo" 
Nine Inch Nails - "Getting Smaller" 
Death Cab for Cutie - "Some Boys (RAC Maury remix)"
Modest Mouse - "Dance Hall" 
Satyricon - "K.I.N.G." 
Duran Duran - "I Don't Want Your Love (Shep Pettibone 7" mix)"
Prong - "Can't Stop the Bleeding (Smack! mix)" 
Fugazi - "Rend It" 
Foreigner - "Double Vision (Slayer remix)"

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