The PowTown GetDown 2019_03_15

Mar 28, 2019 by PowTown


PODCAST from 3/15/19. CJMP's People Prom was that night so I only broadcast one hour. TUNES FROM Tonye AganabaDelhi 2 DublinCaleb HartBuckman CoeAMMOYEDapuntobeatLongwalkshortdock and more!! 

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The Pow!Town GetDown 2015-04-03

Apr 4, 2015 by PowTown

PREPARE for EXODUS from EARTHLY ENSLAVEMENT! Break the chains of the material realm and follow JAHTARI to The PLANET of SPACE PROM: the 5th Annual CJMP People's Prom SPACE IS VERY VERY HIGH! TUNE IN TO The Pow!Town GetDown Radio Show with DJ Triple Dub aka dubcomandante PODcasting EXODUS TO SPACE space space

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Pre-Prom Power Hour!

May 3, 2014 by EveryDay

It's yoru pre-prom primping & preening power hour, featuring Dance Master Dave, Poné! Poni! Pony! and Cousin Awd, bringing you everything you need to know about this year's People's Prom, plus some great music!

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