An Even Keel

May 3, 2016 by
Dr. Dog makes contact

Please advertise widely during Funding Drive and Beyond!
That for a pledge of $75 or more to CJMP Dr. Dog will paint your portrait.
Own an original Dr. Dog! of yourself or a loved one, be they human or non-human Dr. Dog don't discriminate.
Don't miss out on this rare chance to be immortalized by Dr. Dog!!
This is not a draw, once you pledge $75 or more to CJMP you are automatically eligible.
All you have to do is let CJMP know that you want your portrait painted
and Dr. Dog will take care of the rest.
Happy Fundraising

-Dr. Dog

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The Pow!Town GetDown 2016-04-29

May 1, 2016 by PowTown

Fund Drive Week! CJMP 90.1 FM, Powell River's Community Radio wants to send a signal that can be heard. We've raised $12,000 for a new antenna and equipment. We need $15,000+ to pay certified installers to climb the Gallagher Hill Tower and install the new antenna.



This weeks podcast includes some banter about our fund drive and why it's important to support community radio. I hope you can kick down a few bucks! Link up with to learn how to donate and see the prizes and perks offered! 

Music this week from    

 Mr Mambutu, @Tóke Bassplate RecordsThe MovementBlack SlateHorace AndyBob MarleyRoot DiamoonsNath ThelionsRas MuhamadDiambaKatchafireEarl SixteenHarrisson StaffordBunny WailerJah LegacyCity KayStick FigureFortunate YouthFyah TPeter Tosh, @garnett silk junior, Afro Fiesta and more!!! 


The Pow!Town GetDown is now sponsored by Grassroots Botanicals Cannabis Dispensary! 

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