The PowTown GetDown 2023_04_21

Apr 27, 2023 by PowTown

DJ Triple Dub is on Phish tour this week so you lucky reggae fans and ganja appreciators will be blessed with the presence of rin formerly of Bushwack! and Red Hot of Rhythm and Flavour on CJMP. 

"That's right, Triple Dub is out of town and it's rin and Red Hot at the controls. Caught between 4/20 and Earth Day, it's a Freestyle Musical Celebration of the Cannabis plant and everything we love about it"

You can hear back eps of Bushwack   here:

Rhythm and Flavour/Rytmo y sabor is live Thursdays at 7PT at
Listen to back eps here

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Tai Uhlmann & Theo Angell on The FFExpress

Apr 12, 2015 by The Film and Festival Express

BC Filmmakers Tai Uhlmann and Theo Angell joined FF Express host Courtney Harrop in studio to talk about their upcoming documentary film "The End of the Road". A film about Lund, BC and the community that has thrived there for decades.

To learn more about the film, the team, and the Seed&Spark fundraiser, visit The End of the Road's website at:


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