Feeding Time-2019-11-22- 1st Hour Of 3 / Female Folk

Nov 23, 2019 by Feeding Time

Hour 1 of 3. Taking one for the team and keeping it live for 3 hours. Some really great female folk artists. 


Laura Love - Things I Heard People Think

Laura Love and Orville Johnson - The Cookoo

Patty Griffen - Where I come From

Patty Griffen - You Never Get What You Want

Alela Diane - Pieces of String

Alela Diane - White As Diamonds

Alela Diane - The Pirates Gospel

Rachelle Van Zenten - Jerry The Rooster

Laura Marling - Devils Spoke

Laura Marling - Is A Hope


Sara Blasko - All I Want

Sara Blasko Bury This

Rachelle Van Zenten - Showerhead

Rachelle Van Zenten - Windmill

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Feeding Time-2019-03-15-Left Overs

Sep 28, 2019 by Feeding Time

Still Hungry?


Mean Mary  - Sweet Jezabelle

Rachelle Van Zenten - Changing In Time

Route 358 - You Walked In

Annie Gallup - Sugar

Lisa LaBlank - Katie Cruel

Molley Tutle - Save This Heart

Rachelle Van Zenten - The Canoe Song

Rachelle Van Zenten - My Country

Annie Gallup - Synopsis

Lisa LaBlank - Cerveau Ramolli

Route 358 - Lantern Light

Maen Mary - Death And The Maiden



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Feeding Time-2019-08-16- Blues, Folk, Rock mix.

Sep 21, 2019 by Feeding Time

Another fantastic hour of music you probably have never heard before. 

Valerie June

Alicia Phoeb Lou

Kat Clyde


Dannial Norgran

Kevin Morby

The Rainbow Girls


Lola marsh

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Feeding Time-2019-06-21- Left overs

Sep 15, 2019 by Feeding Time

Left overs

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Feb 9, 2018 by FreqDown

Hour one: Features Garage, Surf and rockabilly from around 2012-15

Hour Two: continues with similar sounds. Switching to early 60's surf and rock'n'roll for 4:20. And ending the show up with some Folk and Cajun Blues from bands that will be performing shows in town on Feb 9th & 10th. ENJOY!


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Bushwhack! 2016-01-26 Celebrating Pete Seeger

Feb 17, 2017 by Bushwhack

Celebrating the life and music of Pete Seeger, on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of his death. Thanks, Pete.

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