An Even Keel

Dec 31, 2012 by

Idle No More

The Pointed Stick Variations-The Flying Luttenbachers, Telstar-The Tornados, Intro, Col de Vence-Thomas Koner, Information on Canadian Federal Legislation currently being passed-Dr. Pamela Palmater, History of the White Paper and the Red Paper-Tanya Kappo, International Avenues of Asserting Nationhood-Janice Makokis, Nehiyaw Weyeswewna (Cree Laws)-Revitalizing Okicitaw-Sylvia McAdam, Chief Theresa Spence-In conversation with Chris Rands(cbc), Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo speaking at Idle No More rally, Nina Wilson-In conversation with Trevor Grey Eyes, Jobs and Growth act (Bill C-45)-Elizabeth May, National Chief's letter on Bill C-38 (June 19, 2012), National Chief's letter on Bill C-45 (Nov. 21, 2012), Letter to all First Nations - December 29, 2012, Idle No More-Metrotown Burnaby B.C., Idle No More-Billing Round Dance Flash Mob, One More Time! Saskatoon Flash Mob Round Dance-Idle No More

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