The PowTown GetDown 2020_07_17

Jul 18, 2020 by PowTown

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The PowTown GetDown 2018_05_18

May 19, 2018 by PowTown

I just discovered that this old gem was never published as a podcast! Karakata Afrobeat surprise me in the studio for a live performance and interview. Lots of afrobeat and reggae in this two hour podcast! 

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The Pow!Town GetDown 2015-01-30

Jan 31, 2015 by PowTown
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The Pow!Town GetDown 2014-11-07

Nov 9, 2014 by PowTown

PODCAST! This week on The Pow!Town GetDown Radio Show with DJ Triple Dub aka dubcomandante DJ Triple Dub is back from Phish Tour with new reggae from DelimanEtanaPiper Street Sound and Scotch Bonnet Records, a tribute to reggae legend John Holt and some afrobeat taboot! 

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The Pow!Town GetDown 2014-01-17

Jan 18, 2014 by PowTown

Reggae got soul! Afrobeat! Jahtari!! Mike Gordon! 


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Dec 8, 2012 by PowTown

The Pow!Town GetDown AFROBEAT SPECIAL!! 

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