July 6 2013 Kevin Ayers and last live show

Jul 7, 2013 by

The computer cut off the first couple of minutes of the show where I explained about my hiatus for a couple of months and the rest is Kevin Ayers

See You Later

Didn't Feel Lonely Til I Thought Of You

Singing A Song In The Morning (Religious Experience)

Everybody's sometime And Some People's All The Time Blues

Lady Rachel



Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes

Vol I


Toujours La Voyage

Beware The Dog II

Do You Believe

Am I Really Marcel

Friends And Strangers


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By The Letter June 29 2013 "H"

Jun 30, 2013 by

Tim Hughes - Man In The Sky, Living, Ice And Fire, We Alone

Sam Hurrie - Goin' Down Camp, Char:lo, Whatever Song, Trouble Out Bach

Human Highway - The Sound, Get Lost

Hollow Promise - Back Home In Derry, Step It Out Mary

James Hill - Uke Talk, High Demand, What Would You Have Me Do?, Voodoo Forever Aloha Pt I & II

Ivonne Hernandez - No Good Notes, Culture Shock-The Mad Bulgar, Trans Canada, Wizard Walk

Heavyweight Brass Band - Heavyweights Don't Let Me Down, Rock Me, Nuevo Orleans

John Wort Hannam - Beautiful Friend, Nothing At All

Sarah Harmer - Silverado, New Loneliness

Larry Hanson - Loon Song, Pass The Feather On

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By The Letter June 15 2013 "G"

Jun 16, 2013 by

James Gordon - We're The Ninty-Nine, Gotta Get Off The Oil, Leaving Hope Behind, Great Duncan Heist

Tony Gouveia - Negro Xaile, Fado Do La Drao Enamorado, Caracois, Lagrima

Grainne - Misunderstood, Colours Of You

Sall Gibson - Smalltown, Try

Adrian Glynn - Bruise, The Failures

Howard Gladstone - Khajaraho, Loon On The Lake

David Gogo - Time Is Killing Me, Whiskey Train

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Blaise Bailey Finnegan III

Chief Dan George - Centennial Speach

Guess Who - Share The Land

Great Big Sea - Consequence Free

Glenna Garramone - ---- Has Hit

Hannah Georgas - Bang Bang You're Dead, This Is Good

Download By The Letter June 15 2013 "G" as MP3

By The Letter June 8 2013 "F"

Jun 9, 2013 by

Frequency & Fever - To Saturn And Back, Never Felt This Way

Joel Fountain - Eveready, Lindsay's Song

Family Plot - The Crush

Future Yanx - Suite For A Nation

Ferron - Ain't Life A Beach

French Letters - Visions

Fireweed - Timeless Life, Seventh Ramble, MacMillan & Blodell

Female Hands - Divided By Three, If I Only Had A Brain, Stop All Biology

Furies - What Do You Want Me To Be

Finger Eleven - One Thing

Feist - Honey Honey

Lily Frost - Background Radio, Do What You Love

Dominique Frigot - Strange Lady (acoustic)

Freeflow - Girlfriend

Foam Lake - Baggage

Fine Times - High Brow Low Times

Final Fantasy - The Artic Circle

The Falcons - Tina

Joel Fafard - I Can't Be Satisfied

Les Finnigan - Okanagan Ashes, Chunks Of Cheese, What's Your Point, Another Wasted Sunday

Download By The Letter June 8 2013 "F" as MP3

By The Letter June 1 2013 "E"

Jun 2, 2013 by

This weeks letter is "E" featuring

Laura Ellis - Great Big Lives To Live, Don't Look To Closely At Me

Larry Evans - Del Rio

The Explosions - Wilson Lucas & Bruce

Enigmas - Catmare, Monsters In The Basement, Roll With The Punches, Pancho Villa

Epics - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time, Knock On Wood, It's Growing

The Eternal Triangle - My New Love

e - The Fall, Cance With Me, e925

Nicole Edwards And The Joy Seekers - Two Kinds Of Pie, More Than A Diagnosis Blues, Shades Of Blue, Salty Thoughts

Exxotone - Big Shot, Sideways

The Everdreen Club - Three Bagatelles, Two Paths

The Serens Eades Band - Blackberry, Ashokan Waltz, Orange Blossum Special

Eat N' Holler - Willie The Weeper, Long Time Til I Die, Black Rock Beach

Download By The Letter June 1 2013 "E" as MP3

By The Letter May 25 2013 "D"

May 26, 2013 by

Denis And The Menaces - Scared

Duffy And The Doubters - Ouija Board, Doubters

Doug And The Slugs - Too Bad

Dishrags - All The Pain, I Don't Love You

Dils - Sound Of The Rain

Debutants - 7th Victim

Death Sentence - In Flames

D.O.A. - Death To The Multinationals, Just Say No To The W.T.O., That's Progress, War In The East

Luke Doucet & The White Falcon - Hey Now, Magpie

Dirty Friday - (track 6)

D Ranger - Watching Her Dance

Djole - Kema Bourema

Delerium - Angelicus

Ian De Sousa & The Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Weaving

Destroyer - Suicide Demo For Kara Walker, Bay Of Pigs (detail)

Do Make Say Think - A With Living, Executioner Blues

Download By The Letter May 25 2013 "D" as MP3

By The Letter May 18 2013 "C"

May 19, 2013 by

This shows letter is "C" featuring

Ron Campbell - This Is Not Spam, Self Delusion Blues, (Don't Want No) Chick Flick, Who Do You Love

The Chessmen - Meadowlands, Mustang, The Way You Fell

Stan Cayer - 3 Wild Women

The Canadian VIP's - Lucille

The Classics - Aces High

The Collectors - Lydia Purple, Looking At A Baby, The Beginnings Part 1 & 2

Chilliwack - Rain-o

Cinebar - Night Line

Conspiracy - No Heart

Bob Coulter - Chelsea, Seven Pillars Of Wisdom

Coursage - The Shame I Feel

Count Barkula And The East Vanpires - We Are The East Vanpires

Courage Of Lassie - Iron

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

Sara Craig - Wakerlife Waltz

Holly Cole - I Can See Clearly Now

Alex Cuba - Are You

The Cracker Cats - Yer Sure Purdy

Cary Comeau - Home Of The Mardi Gras

Sean Coburn - Rain

Jennifer Castle - Summer

Download By The Letter May 18 2013 "C" as MP3

By The Letter May 11 2013 "B"

May 12, 2013 by

Ben Bouchard - Le Seminaire

Graham Brown - Angel Heart

Pat Buckna & Jim Green - Drum Song

B-Sides - Underground Radio Stars

Brilliant Orange - Happy Man

Boss And The Bandits - Born In North Van

Louise Burns - Hey Bro

Daryll Burgess And The Rhythm Snakes - Matter Of Time

Bruno Gerussi's Medallion - My Home Town

Bonus Boys - Everytime I See A Car Like Yours Go By

Bolera Lava - Inevitable

Bob's Your Uncle - Purple Steps

Black Snake - Catfish

Black Mountain - Tyrants

Baptists - Bachelor Degree Burn

Beverly Sisters - The Wait

Benedict And The Insomniacs - Hey Ma - Pa

Barrel-House - You Gotta Move

Holly And Jon Burden - Whipping Post

Jim Byrnes - Stranger Blues

Jane Bunnett - Urviklingssang

Bambi - Master Of Love

Beast - Devil

Thomas Beckman - Skeleton Coast

Download By The Letter May 11 2013 "B" as MP3

By The Letter May 4 2013 "A" (computer disaster)

May 11, 2013 by

Ever wonder what could go wrong on a radio show??? Well here is an uncut version of equipment (computer) failure and it had to happen on the first show of this run through the alphabet

Download By The Letter May 4 2013 "A" (computer disaster) as MP3

By The Letter Apr 27 2013 Traffic

May 11, 2013 by

Just one band on this weeks show

Traffic - Paper Sun, Hole In My Shoe, Dear Mr Fantasy, Feeling Alright, Fourty Thousand Headmen, Medicated Goo, Feelin' Good, Glad, Freedom Rider, John Barleycorn, Gimme Some Lovin', Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys, Rainmaker, Shootout At The Fantasy Factory, (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone and Love Hurts

Download By The Letter Apr 27 2013 Traffic as MP3

By The Letter Apr 20 2013 Talking Heads

May 11, 2013 by

Just one band on this weeks show

Talking Heads - Sugar On My Toungue, Don't Worry About The Government, The Big Country, The Girls Want To Be With The Girls, Life During Wartime, Psycho Killer, Take Me To The River, Once In A Lifetime, Buildings On Fire, Houses In Motion, Burning Down The House, This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), Slippery People, Making Flippy Floppy, Swamp, Girlfriend Is Better, The Lady Don't Mind, Road To Nowhere, Wild Wild Life, Love For Sale, Hey Now and Blind

Download By The Letter Apr 20 2013 Talking Heads as MP3

By The Letter Apr 13 2013 10CC & Ten Years After

Apr 14, 2013 by

Just 2 bands on this weeks show

10CC - Rubber Bullets, Wall Street Shuffle, I'm Not In Love, Art For Art's Sake, Good Morning Judge, The Things We Do For Love, Dreadlock Holiday, Les Nouveau Riches and 24 Hours

Ten Years After - Spoonful, Woodchoppers Ball, Skoobly-Oobly Doobob, The Stomp, Love Like A Man, I Say Yeah, I'd Love To Change The World, Standing At The Crossroads, You Give Me Loving, Stone Me, Reality In Arrears and I'm Going Home

Download By The Letter Apr 13 2013 10CC & Ten Years After as MP3

By The Letter Apr 6 2013 Earl Scruggs Revue & Spirit

Apr 7, 2013 by

Two groups on this weeks show

Earl Scruggs Revue - You Ain't Going Nowhere, Nashville Skyline, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine), Backdoor Lover Ain't Got No Cover, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry, Bleeker Street Rag, Passing Through, Song To Woody, I Still Miss Someone and Pick Along

Spirit - Taurus, Fresh Garbage, Jewish, Ice, Mr Skin, Trancas Fogout, Hey Joe, Looking Into Darkness, Pineapple, Natures Way (inst), Ending, Potatoland, Natures Way, 1984, I Got A Line On You, Animal Zoo and Rain

Download By The Letter Apr 6 2013 Earl Scruggs Revue & Spirit as MP3

By The Letter Mar 30 2013 Siegel Schwall

Mar 31, 2013 by

Just one band on this show..The Siegel - Schwall Blues Band

I Have Had All I Can Take - Siegel-Schwall Band - 66

Bring It With You When You Come - Say - 67

I Like It Where We Walked - Say - 67

Jim Jam - Shake - 68

Get Away Man - Shake - 68

I Don't Want You To Be My Girl - Siegel-Schwall 70 - 70

Hush Hush - The Siegel-Schwall Band - 71

Hey, Billie Jean - Sleepy Hollow - 72

Just Another Song About The Country Sung By A City Boy - 953 West -73

Out-A-Gas - Live The Last Summer - 74

Women Make A Fool Out Of Me - R.I.P. - 74

And with Seiji Ozawa and The San Francisco Symphony

Three Pieces For Blues Band And Orchestra

Street Music  Op. 65 A Blues Concerto

Download By The Letter Mar 30 2013 Siegel Schwall as MP3

By The Letter Mar 23 2013 Renaissance

Mar 24, 2013 by

Just one band on this weeks show...Renaissance

Innocence - Renaissance - 69

Mr Pine - Illusion - 71

Prologue - Prologue - 72

Can You Understand - Ashes Are Burning - 73

Mother Russia - Turn Of The Cards - 74

A Trip To The Fair - Scheherazade And Other Stories - 75

Can You Hear Me - Novella - 77

A Song For All Seasons - A Song For All Seasons - 78

The Discovery - Azure D'Or - 79

Tryant-tula, Bonjour Swansong - Camera Camera - 81

Ashes Are Burning, Moonlight Shadow - In The Land Of The Rising Sun - 02

Download By The Letter Mar 23 2013 Renaissance as MP3

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