The PowTown LockDown 2020_05_01

May 5, 2020 by PowTown


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The PowTown LockDown 2020_04_10

Apr 11, 2020 by PowTown

Moses gained his inspiration to liberate the Hebrew slaves from a burning bush.
A lot of us feel like we’re held in bondage right now so tonight lets free our minds and burn some bushes for a couple hours and dance to reggae songs about Exodus, about freedom and liberation.

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Mushroom vs Plastic: Who Wins?

Mar 25, 2020 by LetsTalkTrash

Would you live in a house made from mushrooms? Would you wear a suit embroidered with fungal spores to help decompose your corpse? Fungus has always been among us and now we are more actively seeking a symbiotic relationship.  This episode explores the role of mushrooms in reducing the waste we produce, as well as cleaning up the waste we inevitably do create.

Cognitive Scientist & Mycologist, Theo Rosenfeld also shares how mushrooms can be key to physical and mental wellness during times of personal and even global crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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