Jul 20, 2017 by FreqDown

Mix of Surf, Psychobilly + Punkabilly & Garage,  plus Listen for Project Mortality new ep Unspun at 4:20


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Jul 8, 2017 by FreqDown


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Jul 5, 2017 by FreqDown

Dedicated to the Memory of Chantai Whitebuffaocalf

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Jun 22, 2017 by FreqDown

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!!! Listen to Frequency Downshifting the soundtrack to your endless summer. See you at the beach. :)

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Jun 16, 2017 by FreqDown

BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POW!!! BIFFFF!!!! BLAAAPP!!!!!!!!  $Fabulous% ?Groovy!? i!Psychedelia!i (tribute to Adam West star of the 60's batman t.v. series) _-PLUS-_ It's almost SUMMER next wednesday is the First day. Enjoy....


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Jun 9, 2017 by FreqDown

It's cloud bustin time with Frequency Downshifting. As always a nice mix of Surf, Rockabilly, Rock'n'roll, Garage and Psychedelic plus at 4:20 some nice acoustic guitar music from Mud + Murdoch. See you at the beach.

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May 26, 2017 by FreqDown

I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful beach weather. Here is some great summer beach vibes for your sunny friday. Featuring Surf-rock, Surfabilly, Rockabilly and Garage. At 4:20 Jessica came down to the station and we discussed THE OCEAN CLEANUP project ( and how to reduce personal plastic consuption. 

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May 14, 2017 by FreqDown

On this podcast the complete album of Jesus Christ Surferstar released in 2003. It is a complete remake of Jesus Christ Superstar done #Surf-rock style. Featuring -- Daikaiju PLUS

1-02 – The Urban Surf Kings    
1-03 Waistcoats*    
1-04 Prawns With Horns    
1-05 Breakfastime    
1-06 Susan & The Surftones    
1-07 Atomic Mosquitos    
1-08 El Ray    
1-09 –The Pipelines    
1-10 Lava Rats*    
1-11 3 Piece Suit    
1-12 Ward 69    
1-13 Crime Factor Zero    
1-14 Babyshaker    
2-01 Hypnotic IV    
2-02 Surfones    
2-03 Hifi Ramblers (From Vancouver)    
2-04 Fabulous Planktones    
2-05 Capacitors    
2-06 Susan & The Surftones    
2-07 Noseriders    
2-08 Johnny Vortex    
2-09 Supertones*    
2-10 Atlantics*    
2-11 Longhorn Devils*    
2-12 The Aqualads

Plus mid 80's Psychobilly and Teen Trash!

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May 4, 2017 by FreqDown

Featured on this episode: for the first hour late 50's + early 60's rockabilly & surf including some great Canadian artists. In the second hour a special 4:20 presentation the first half of 2003 album Jesus Christ Surferstar. The album is a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar done surf-rock style. With each track featuring a different band. Plus PURE COUNTRY GOLD's 2008 4 song ep. Tune in next week for the second half of Jesus Christ Surferstar.


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Apr 27, 2017 by FreqDown

On this episode more #Surf featuring some interesting tracks from russia. A little early 60's Canadian #Rockabilly. #Psychobilly #Rock and#Garage new and old from far and wide. Also some #Punk tracks two of them from local(ish) bands Street Sweeper out of Ucluelet and the Tubuliods from Vancouver. PLUS a special  4:20 featuring 28min long Jimi Hendrix Jam from the Dagger records album "Mourning Symphony Ideas"

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Apr 20, 2017 by FreqDown

On this episode I have some really good late 50's early 60's Canadian Rockabilly from a record compilation Early Canadian Rockers vol. 1-4. At 4:20 the second side of Pure Country Gold self titled 2006 album. A couple more Rockabilly and Psychobilly requests from Bob mixed with some Hotrod and Surfin' tunes. Another great afternoon at the beach. Enjoy.

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Apr 14, 2017 by FreqDown

Frequency Downshifting from April 12th. My apologies for the recording error. For about 40 mins of the recording starting about 10mins into the show. The recording malfunctions and and there are alot of small skips in the audio. I spent a few hours at home trying to first edit then re-record parts. Without the proper equipment this just lead to my frustration. Eventually I decided I had wasted TOO much time and just laid down the recording as it was malfuctions and everything.


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Apr 6, 2017 by FreqDown

1950's Blues and Mambo, Surf-Rock and Rockabilly from the 1960's to present Plus some Psychobilly & Hot Rod BURNOUTS!!!!

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Mar 31, 2017 by FreqDown

It's the "Spring Storm" edition of "Frequency Downshifting" featuring some beach stormin' #Surf-rock and hurrricane force Erotic Exotic Reverb from Central america. Dedications going out to Theo with some Sci-fi Surf and for Ian Alexander (The Rockabilly Express) some great Rockabilly. In the 2nd hour some classic rock'n'roll from the early 60's and at 4:20 experimental physcedelic rock from Nanaimo bands Colliding Canyons and Anunnaki. Anunnaki are playing in Powell river April 1st at the Villa soccer club with a surf-rock band from Washington The Sea Krakens. I have two tracks from the Sea Krakens 2016 self-titled album. And to end the show tracks from Courtenay band Strange Creatures.

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Mar 22, 2017 by FreqDown

Chuck Berry past away last week at the age of 90. I have some of his tracks including "Chuck's Beat" for 4:20 from the 1964 album Two Great Guitars with Bo Diddley. Plus more recommendations from Sustaining Member Bob Coulter and new Canadian Surf-Rock!!

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