An Even Keel

Jun 26, 2017 by

Rich Man's World

Rich Man's World-Immortal Technique, Telstar-The Tornados, The Invisible Nation-Richard Desjardins & Robert Monderie, Society is Brainwashed-Ill Bill, R.E.D.-A Tribe Called Red Feat. Black Bear, Narcy, Yasiin Bey, Hoyda-Porest, Somos Sur-Ana Tijoux con Shadia Mansour, Ya hala ya habibi-Fairuz

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An Even Keel

May 15, 2017 by


AL NAKBA: The Palestinian Catastrophe

1948-Benny Brunner & Alexandra Jansse,

Duel of Fates 8-Bit, Bloody Like The Day

You were Born-Whores, Fat Cap Boogie-

Skanky Ho


“The Palestinian Holocaust is unsurpassed in history. For a country to be occupied, emptied of its people, its physical and cultural landmarks obliterated, its destruction hailed as a miraculous act of God, all done according to a premeditated plan, meticulously executed, internationally supported, and still maintained today...”

– Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta, Palestine Right Of Return, Sacred, Legal, and Possible

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The Great Book Robbery
Winston Churchill sent the Black and Tans to Palestine
Life Before the Expulsion in Palestine
Refugee return to Palestine is practical as well as just

An Even Keel

Dec 11, 2016 by

Magic Carpet of The Holocaust


Skanky Panky-Kid Koala,

Telstar-The Tornados, 4th

Chamber-GZA w/Ghostface

Killah, She's a Moaner

-Jehosophat Blow, Can't

Fool With Me -Spaceshits,

Bored-Destroy All

Monsters, Fake Scum-Stoic

Violence, Rollin' and

Tumblin'-Muddy Waters,

Victim of Circumstances

-Roy Junior, Leave the

Capital-The Fall, You

Lost It-The Throwups,

John Wayne Was a

Nazi-Millions of Dead

Cops, Crazy Glue-Da

Slyme,Magic Carpet of

The Holocaust Revival-

Porest, 13th-Ava



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An Even Keel

Sep 19, 2016 by

Allende, Mi Abuelo Allende

The Mark E. Smith Guide to Writing Guide-Mark E. Smith, Telstar-The Tornados, Allende, Mi Abuelo Allende-Marcia Tambutti Allende

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Fall Fair, September 17th & 18th, 2016

Sep 7, 2016 by Carrie

Welcome to Fall Fair! 

Powell River Agricultural Association would like to invite Powell River Residents and visitors to celebrate local food from farm to table, to savour the harvest, and to notice and appreciate this coastal mountain terrain that gives us the taste and essence of our local food.

Weekend admission is $5 for adults, free for children under 12
Exhibition grounds are closed to vehicle traffic. There will be parking on McLeod Road and Myrtle Avenue for people with disabilities and seniors. Bus service is also supplied from the mall for both days.

Photo: Fall Fair 2012

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NCRA Equity Committee Reading Group September Discussion

Oct 24, 2014 by 42 Fish

The NCRA Equity Comittee has a Reading Group which meets bimonthly onair to discuss member suggested materials.


September was hosted by CJMP 90.1FM in Powell River.

Reading Materials can be found below:

First an interview on NonDefensive Communication in this August episode of WINGS: Sue Supriano, host of Steppin' Out of Babylon interviews Sharon Ellison, communications Counselor - website 

This link is to a 2 page pdf with great summery info on Non Defensive Communication 

This link takes you to a summary of Glen Singleton's Guide to Courageous Conversations about Race.

These 'rules' he suggests are applicable to any kind of challenging conversations not just ones about race. Again it's about communicating with other humans.

Finally a pdf of Ten Principals for approaching social justice issues through the arts. They are from a paper about using arts education to teach social justice issues however I feel the points are useful in many work environments outside of the classroom. Whether we are working on a documentary, a marathon, an episode, or just thinking about our work in the station, these ten points are good reminders of things to keep in mind or ask yourself throughout the work.

When we meet, I thought we might discuss some of our stations policies around communication, discipline, and enforcing rules or running meetings and how some of these communication methods have/could be implemented. CJMP policies can be found on our website.

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Benjamin Howells Discusses Atmosphere and Project Intent

Jul 1, 2014 by The Film and Festival Express

On June 29th, Ben Howells joined Film and Festival Express host Courtney Harrop for a discussion about the upcoming Atmosphere Gathering Aug 15-17, and Project Intent, a new collaborative project making waves on Vancouver Island.




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