Taste Testing Tribute Show

Jun 24, 2012 by

No matter how hardcore a fan, every participating listener of CJMP has to rest their weary head or go out and earn their daily bread – missing out on some of our most fabulous material. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could just get a quick taste-test of everything we offer live on air? This past Open Mic I did exactly that! Here for your browsing pleasure are snippets of every show currently offered by CJMP.


6min : By The Letter
11min : A. Club
18min : It's Go Time
22min : The Stunt Man
34min : An Even Keel
40min : Festival Express
47min : The Big Groove
54min : Captain Underpants
1hr 2min : Madness Radio
1hr 8min : The Training Wheel
1hr 18min : The Latin Hour
1hr 22min : Fuzz // Phase // Delay
1hr 28min : Stuff We Like
1hr 35min : The Great Composers
1hr 40min : Art Matters
1hr 49min : Woodsongs Oldtime
1hr 53min : Canadian Voices
2hr 5min : ExtraEnvironmentalist
2hr 8min : Into the Ether
2hr 15min : Let's Talk Trash
2hr 19min : Unending Subtleties
2hr 24min : Every Day is Like Sunday
2hr 27min : Cowbell Radio
2hr 32min : PowTown Get Down
2hr 37min : Intrigue
2hr 40min : OPEN MIC

Enjoy :)

Download Taste Testing Tribute Show as MP3


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