The Unending Subtleties of River Power [April 5, 2013]

Apr 6, 2013 by UnendingSubtleties

David bats 1000 this week: new tracks from Implodes, Pan•American, & Benoit Pioulard, a back-to-back comparison of two versions of "Transparent Radiation", plus the usual shitpile of awesome music. TURN IT UP! 


Ebeling Hughes: Transfigured | 
The Asteroid No. 4: All Fall Down | 
Emeralds: Search For Me In The Wasteland | 
Air: J'ai dormi sous l'eau | 
Implodes: Scattered In The Wind | 
Föllakzoid: IV, III, II, I | 
Pan•American: Glass Room At The Airport | 
Benoit Pioulard: Gospel | 
Toro Y Moi: Intro Chi Chi | 
Warm Ghost: Resignation Rights | 
Panda Bear: Ponytail | 
White Hills: Under Skin Or By Name | 
The Red Crayola: Transparent Radiation | 
Spacemen 3: Transparent Radiation | 
Experimental Aircraft: The Pod | 
Windy & Carl: Awhile | 
Mazzy Star: Blue Flower

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