Feeding Time-2023-11-10

Nov 10, 2023 by Feeding Time

Playlist Not In Order:

Turu Anasi - Romantico
Ali Farka Toure' - Kenouna
Vieux Farka Toure' - Bonheur
                               - Ay Bakoy
Aikido - Confession
Les Amazone de Afrique - Kumo Fo
Mangama Camera - Beni Ben Bakabebe
Novalima - La Danza
Bar Italia - Missus Mortality 
Pierre Marie Ondo - Ya Bembe'
Goat - talk To God
Gitbox - Rajasthani Heart
Newan Afrobeat - Chaltumay
Zani Diabate' - Mali Nionioula
Omar Pene' - Reewu Taxx
Bai Kamera jr - Disposable Society
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