Feeding Time-2022-09-02

Sep 2, 2022 by Feeding Time
Juldeh Camera - Fulani Cootchie Man
Bixiga 70 - Kriptonita
David Walters - An Rev
Invisible System - Ambassel
Mulata Astatke - Dewel
Electric Bamako - Baba Sissoko - Dala Manka
Mariama Kouyate - Saragnima
Sahad Saal & Nataal Patchwork - Irafama
King Abisoba - Sooba
Alostman - Minus Me
CK Maan - Fa Wakomen Ma Me
Leo Palayeng - Bac Pa Ladweny
Amara Toure' - Lament Cubano
Ebo Taylor - Blay Ambolley - Africa Tie
Bobacare Traore' - Bembalisso
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