Feeding Time-2022-08-26

Aug 28, 2022 by Feeding Time
Electric Bamako - Demabaga Express
                           - Idjo
Atropolis - Gaita NYC
Khmissa - Soudani
Nilza Costa - Blues De Yansa
Combe' So - Liruana
Miss Maawa - Sinamouso
Kalaban Coura - Mali
Temi Oyedele - I Dupe
Baka Beyond - Lands End
Emillio Alvarez Quioto - Parranda Jamming
Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Houe Towe Hone
Ogun Afrobeat - Afromaghreb
Abayyomy Afrobeat Orchestra - Malunguinho
Juldeh Camera - Sahara
Tonio Yima
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