Feeding Time-2022-08-12

Aug 14, 2022 by Feeding Time
Nyago - Mdoko
           - Kauzyanga
Koko Dembale - Waati
Suzan Kerunun - Umbikulumbi
Afrodelic - An Ka Taa
Leo Palayend - Tong Kicol
Matuki - Sanimenteren
Combo So - Je M'en Fous
Ogun Afrobeat - Efon
Invisible System - Bambara
Baba Sissoko - Black Rock
Batch Gueye - Rose
Kan Beng - Unity
Horoya - Aboyhoro
Weedie Braimah - Ship Comes In
Sun Hop Fat - Kasalefut Hula
Manden Express - Fassou Denou
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