Feeding Time-2021-11-05- Analog Africa

Dec 5, 2021 by Feeding Time

Playlist, not in order:

Nicodemos Remix - We Give Thanks

Honey & Bees Band - Kofi Salanga

Joseph Kamga - Sie Tcheu

Jean Pierre Djeu Kam - Africa Lyo

Ndenga AAndre Destin - Yondja

Los Cameros - Esele Mulema Moan

Damas Swing Orchestra - Odylife

Tsanga Dieudonne & Les Showman - Moni Ngn

Lucas tala - Women Be Fine

Ndenga Andre Destin & Le Golden Sounds - NGamba

Manzanita & Su Conjuto - Salome

                                   - La Mazamorita

Muhktar Ramadan - IIdi

Iften Band - Sirmgabe

Baba Comandant & Mandingo Band - Wasso

The Funkees - Now I,m A Man

Newan Afrobeats - Zombie


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