Feeding Time-2021-11-26-Africa

Dec 5, 2021 by Feeding Time

Playlist, not in order: 

Incredible Bongo Band - Apache

Djeli Moussa Corde - Lady

Afel Bocoum - Yer Gando

Chaba Fadela - Nsel Fik

Gigi - Salam

Africando - Am Am

Nuru Kane - Chakwa Dance

Anansy Kane - Balkiss

The Barbeques - Aylo Lolo

Idrissa Soumouro - Le Tiok Tioko

L Orchestre Le Bida de le Capital - Kenuna

Cutlus Dance Band - Hewa Miyopina

The Big Beats - Me Sumo Bo Doun

Gyedu Blay Ambolley & His Creations - Akoko Ba

K Frimpong & His Cuban Fiestos - Kyenkyen

Amabasador International - Mand Jua

Issa Bagayogo - Sya




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