The Unending Subtleties of River Power [August 21, 2015]

Aug 22, 2015 by UnendingSubtleties

New releases from Rocket Recordings; new Dead Sea Apes from Sunrise Ocean Bender; plenty of other fine things on offer this week. These go to eleven. 


Hills: Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd |
Hey Colossus: Hop The Railings |
Mamuthones: Anylonger |
Gnoomes: Roadhouse |
Carlton Melton: Similarities |
Dead Sea Apes: The Unclosing Eye |
Tolchock: Venus In Furs |
The Telescopes: In Every Sense |
Fresh Snow: Snow’s Victory |
Cosmic Jokers: Galactic Joke: A |
Flying Saucer Attack: Instrumental 4 |
Sundays & Cybele: Black Rainbow |
White Hills: Life Is Upon You |
Love, Hippies & Gangsters: Got My Coat |
The Holy Cosmos: Hurricane Fighter Plane |
Holy Science: Moon |
Spirea X: Spirea 9

[GIF courtesy of Bees & Bombs.]

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