The PowTown GetDown 2021_03_26

Mar 27, 2021 by PowTown

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Pills, Cigarette Butts & Waste Water

Feb 28, 2021 by LetsTalkTrash

Move over microplastics, there's a new villain in town. What have you flushed down the drain lately? Pills, cleaning products, paint from brushes, or even bacteria, fungi and metals, maybe?  Do these contaminants of emerging concern need to be better regulated? We talk with a City Councilor and informed concerned citizen about their efforts to do just that. 

We tap into the Hold Onto your Butts campaign as well, to hear about the unexpected consequences of tossing cigarette butts and what some towns are doing to offer a safer alternative.

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Ganja Reggae DJ Set 2 Recorded Live 2019_07_06

Jan 8, 2021 by PowTown

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The PowTown GetDown 2021_01_01

Jan 2, 2021 by PowTown

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National Zero Waste Conference 2020 inspiring highlights

Dec 30, 2020 by LetsTalkTrash

This 118th episode casts some rays of hope on the future of the planet. We share highlights from the annual National Zero Waste Conference held in November.  2020's virtual conference focused on how the circular economy is already transforming the ways we produce, use and circulate goods and services. May you be inspired by the change-makers designing out waste, keeping valuable materials in circulation and regenerating natural systems while creating new economic opportunities and opening the doors to a more inclusive prosperity.

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Nov 27, 2020 by LetsTalkTrash

Is the recycling system broken? We’ll dive into the recycling bin and see where the bulk of our recyclables end up and also what they get turned into.

We’ll also celebrate BC’s first marine debris depot arriving in Powell River by tuning into an interview that Let’s Talk Trash team member, Abby McLellan, had with with CBC host, Gregor Craigie.

Finally, we'll take the Grinch out of a giftless Christmas.

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The PowTown GetDown 2020_09_18

Oct 24, 2020 by PowTown

The tech wizard volunteers at CJMP managed to extraxt the lost audio from this show livicated to Toots Hibbert! 

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The PowTown GetDown 2020_10_09

Oct 10, 2020 by PowTown

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The PowTown GetDown 2020_10_02 Fall Ganja Harvest Special

Oct 3, 2020 by PowTown

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Sep 3, 2020 by LetsTalkTrash

Making Peace with Invasives

Weeds and invasive species. Are they friend or foe? We look at these sometimes maligned plants from a few angles in this episode. Aryuvedic practitioner, Todd Coldecott, chimes on their role in rebalancing both the planet and our wellness. Founder of No Spray Powell River, Lisa-Marie Bhattacharya, shares how pest management practices affect biodiversity, and finally Karen Skadesheim, talks about using so-called invasives as materials for basketry and other creative endeavors.

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PowTown GetDown 2020_08_28

Aug 29, 2020 by PowTown

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ThePowTown GetDown 2020_08_14

Aug 15, 2020 by PowTown

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42 Fish Celebrate the Language of Love

Aug 5, 2020 by 42 Fish

Music from

  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Music knows no boundaries
  • Kalayla Johnny - Can't Help falling in love
  • Mama D - Mr. Businessman's Blues
  • Bjork - In the Musicals
  • Tom Waites - Swordfishtrombones
  • Bryon Lee and the Dragonaires - Je t'aime
  • Micky Hart and Babatunde Olatunji - Iyanu (surprises)
  • Cream - Politician 
  • Pielle's and Gonzolazes - The Churchhouse Love Song

 artichoke flowers

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Mama D Horizon Dancer
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Bottled Water or Tap?

Jun 26, 2020 by LetsTalkTrash

The story of bottled water is nuanced. Backed by the reality that we need clean drinking water to survive, and then infused with marketing campaigns that played on fears of water born pathogens and the wonders of trace mineral content. 

What is the full story of bottled water? And with 1 in 7 people having no access to clean drinking water, can we thrive without it?

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42 Fish: Dubious Days

Jun 25, 2020 by 42 Fish

These are Dubious Days Cousins! Its; a s lightly off 42Fish who thrills the earholes this month! Infused with music from Donita and Hayden Large, NîpisîyThe Cactus ClubAntibalasFrank Zappa + Jean-Luc PONTY not to mention new and hilarious by Dragon Fli Empire!

Thursdays at 6PM on CJMP 90.1FM 

#42Fish iTunes Podcasts 

flower shoe car

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