Every Day Is Like Sunday 2012-12-14

Dec 15, 2012 by EveryDay

Sunshine Coast MLA Nicholas Simons in the house for this week's edition of 'What's Up Down in Victoria' and musical selection sfrom The New Pornographers, Les Rita Mitsouko, Wolf Parade, Portugal. The Man, and some holiday tunes from Kate & Anna McGarrigle, The Pretenders and a Kay Starr remix.  Enjoy!

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The Unending Subtleties of River Power [December 14, 2012]

Dec 15, 2012 by UnendingSubtleties

David brings it down this week: a mellower-than-usual selection, kicking off with the most repetitive, most repetitive, and most repetitive track by Stingray; 17 minutes of beautiful stasis. And a track from Spirit's Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus as a tribute to Ed Cassidy, their dummer who died this week


Stingray: Invisible | 
Pan American: Tract | 
Stars Of The Lid: Humectez la mouture | 
Current 93: Nihil | 
Füxa: Dreamlanding | 
Youngsbower: Moonlight Ice Rink | 
Pram: Sea Swells And Distant Squalls | 
Windy & Carl: Untitled | 
Memory Tapes: Fell Thru Ice | 
Syd Barrett: Golden Hair | 
Talk Talk: Ascension Day | 
Cliff Martinez: Hammer | 
Harmonia & Eno: Vamos companeros | 
Mercury Rev: Because Because Because | 
Spirit: When I Touch You | 
Farflung: Future Days

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