An Even Keel

Dec 17, 2012 by

Holiday Special!


Telestar-The Tornados, Nehada Zèythèwen-Tèweldè Rèdda, Bar-B-Q Pope-Butthole Surfers, Ay Carmela-The Ex, Never Been in a Riot-The Mekons, Over The Edge-The Wipers, Bored of You-Agent Orange, City Hobgoblins-The Fall, Curfew-Amebix, Night of the Vampire-Roky Erickson & The Aliens, Hate the Police-The Dicks, A Town Named Squaresville-Thee Headcoats, Helen Fordsdale-Mars, Isol-Marie & the Atom, Wicked She Wicked-Billy Boyo, You're Full of Shit-XXBLANKXX, Eat Me-The Curse, Let's Have a War-Fear, I Don't Care(demo)-Ramones, Nazi Dad-Cripple Bastards, You're Already Dead-Crass, Let's Buy a Bridge-Swell Maps, I Used to be in Love- Dayglo Abortions, So Messed Up-The Damned, Get Away from Me-Hot Nasties, Suicide-Sods, Deadbeat-The Deadbeats, Assimilate-Skinny Puppy, Nervous Breakdown-Black Flag, 27.3-Ice 9, 500 Años-Los Crudos, Forming-The Germs, I am a Poseur-X-Ray Spex, Almost Ready-The Normals, Who Needs Wildlife Anyway?-Grackles, Elogio Del Gran Capo Estiqaatsi-Santa Banana, Dreadlocks in Moonlight-Lee 'Scatch' Perry, Wigwam-LiLiPut, The Great Annihilator-Swans, Blank Generation-Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Babylon Makes The Rules-Steel Pulse, Live Fast Die Young-Circle Jerks, Do Nothing-The Specials, Everyday I Start to Ooze-Nomeansno, Requim-Killing Joke, The Light Pours out of Me-Magazine, Punks Not Dead-The Exploited, Fuck You-Subhumans, RAF-Brian Eno & Snatch, Goodbye Toulouse-The Stranglers, Screaming Fist-The Viletones, I am a Computer-Mad Virgins, Nellie the Elephant-Toy Dolls, Crazy Glue-Da Slyme, You've Been Duplicated-Chrome, Babylon's Burning-The Ruts

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