Drain Strain (Waste Veggie Oil, Garburators, and Sewage Sludge)

Aug 30, 2019 by LetsTalkTrash

All about the strain we put on our drain...and the planet, when we flush, pour, rinse or otherwise release items down our drains. We look into garburators - the pros and cons, waste veggie oil conversion into fuel, and talk biosolids (aka sewage sludge) with a UBC post-grad (Robin Harder). How do we manage this resource when it's contaminated with heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and microplastics?

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42 Fish: Sunshine Therapy

Aug 30, 2019 by 42 Fish

Your Cousin Awd is in full preparation mode for September! 
Fabulous alliterations fill your earholes as Fall finally arrives and your cousin gets ready to Emcee The Sunshine Music Fest. 


  • Interviews with young TlaAmin jɛjɛ who spent their summer working towards their futures
  • Therapy Lessons from Death Becomes Us with PJ Kelly
    • I'm Not Kreskin / You're Not Mother Theresa 
  • Jacqueline Mathieu You Tell A Story - segment of Documentary 


  • Kaia Kater - CrabBucket
  • Nasti Weather - Slice
  • Tonye - Back In the Day
  • Tom Richardson - Healing Heartbeat
  • Luke Wallace - Pale Kids
  • Frank Waln - Treaties
  • Donita Large - Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  • Della Reece - Compared to What

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