The Unending Subtleties of River Power [August 16, 2019]

Aug 19, 2019 by UnendingSubtleties

We kick off this time around with a couple massive kosmische jams, from Prana Crafter & Suzuki Junko, then spend the rest of the show wandering around in various treacherous regions of deep space & so on. 


Prana Crafter: Jagged Mountain Melts At Dawn |
Suzuki Junzo: Trans-Mediterranean Thunderfuck |
Roy Montgomery & Emma Johnston: Realm Of The Senses |
Terceiro Olho De Marte: Trovoada en Luna de Sangre |
Acid Rooster: Focus |
Life Education: Pilgrims Of The Infinite |
Minami Deutsch: Israeli Blues |
Naujawanan Baidar: Zanjeer |
Colour Haze: Magnolia |
Terminal Cheesecake: Fake Loop |
Wet Tuna: Goin’ |
Guaxe: Desafio do Guaxe |
Here Lies Man: Iron Rattles |
Sun Colony: Breeders |
AyahuascA: The Black One


Intro music: "Trans Martian Disko" by Moonwood. Outro music: "Seasons" by Sounds Around.

[GIF courtesy of hexeosis.]

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