Tai Uhlmann & Theo Angell on The FFExpress

Apr 12, 2015 by The Film and Festival Express

BC Filmmakers Tai Uhlmann and Theo Angell joined FF Express host Courtney Harrop in studio to talk about their upcoming documentary film "The End of the Road". A film about Lund, BC and the community that has thrived there for decades.

To learn more about the film, the team, and the Seed&Spark fundraiser, visit The End of the Road's website at:



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Apr 12, 2015 by VStation

Episode 4 - A Healing Presence

Intro, shout-outs, what is Vegetation Station?

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy... and you get tomatoes"

The City Fix: " Urban green space makes people happier than money"




Tijuca Forest, in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil

Urban food forests -


Shinrin-yoku, forest bathing - www.shinrin-yoku.org

Recorded Interview: CC Duncan and Raymond Lavoie - PRMOS

SONG: Sakura (unknown origin, Japanese Folk Song)

Horticultural Therapy & Therapeutic Horticulture

Recorded Interview: Len Landry - Anderton Therapeutic Gardens Society

SONG: Depeche Mode - My Secret Garden


Gardens as metaphors

Recorded Interview: Satya Divine Freedom - Healing Gardens

Live Interview: Jordan Lavigne - Somatic Shamanism

SONG: Juanes - Yerbatero

Upcoming events

Tues 14th - Jewel Box Garden in the Potting Shed (Sechelt)

Fri 17th - Little pharmer unplugged at BASE CAMP (7:00pm - 9:00pm, by donation)

Saturday 18th - Stacey Murphy - http://bkfarmyards.com/online




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