Show # 35 Into The Ether With Luna Vancouver Seven

Dec 20, 2012 by Into The Ether

Hi my beautiful audience. Here is the last show of the cosmic cylce, the day before the quantum jump into the Era of Aquarius, the Golden Age, ATER-TUMTI (Heaven on Earth)! I am re-broadcasting my show # 6, originally on air on the 29th of march, 2012. This is a worth interview to share again, now, at the beginning of the end of times: Canadian Crop Circle Researcher, John Phillips. 

Music for today: Fiona Beeson, The Cure, Flans, Manu Chao and hey, don't forget the Angel Card Reading at the end.

Wishing you a save and joyful quantum jump and self-journey into the 5th Dimension. Thank you for being my faithful audience. I love you all. Peace. Luna.








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