Feeding Time-2021-10-29 World/Africa

Nov 16, 2021 by Feeding Time

Playlist ;

Alsarah & The Newbitons - Fuga

Orchestra Baobob - Sibam

Le Rail Band - Maniba Yassa

Feathered Sun - Bulbo

Kaloum Star - Maliba

Camayane Sofa - Kononin

Ramata Diakite - Yafa

Tal National - Claire

Towering Inferno - Chambacu

Quantic - Nanguita

Quantic & Nidia - Gongora

Newan Afrobeat - Cantaros

1965 Blown Impala SS

Harouna Sidibe - Tamadjoudjou

African Rythm Travellers - Khululum






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