Feeding Time-2021-04-23- Ghana & Other Stuff

Apr 24, 2021 by Feeding Time

Is there a bottom to the never ending well of beautifal music? 

Playlist: Not in to much order.

Soukl Thrivers - Hope Is A Begger

                     - I,m Going Home On That Morning Train

Popimane - Aeroflute

Orgaone - Sophisticated Honky

Alostmen - Kobolo

Wanlov The Kubolor - No Boarders

                              The Ones

Samba Toure - Chiri Hari

David Walters - Mama

Stevo Atambire - Bango

                       - Kura

King Ayisoba - Sooba

                   - Wicked Leaders

Chritine Salem - Anou

                      - Dolo

Rhhiannon Giddens - Niwel Goes To Town

Danyal Waro - Batariste

                   - Baam Kalou Baam





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