Feeding Time-2021-01-15-Psych-Punk-Metal

Jan 20, 2021 by Feeding Time

90 minutes of mostly raunchy shit. Gotta get my yahoo,s out once in a while.

Playlist ;

Hate The Rich - Alcoholics Appocolypse

                     - Defwective Brain

                     - Didital Atrocity

The Exploited - UK82

                    - Horror Epices

                    - Chaos Is My Life

NOFX - Electricity

         - Shower Days

         - Sticken In My Eye

Storm Troopers Of Death - Free Dirty Needles

Suicidal Tendancies - Institutionalized

Bison - 1000 Needles

System Of A Down - Vicinity Of Obsenity

                            - Science

                            - Sugar

Puris Ani - Stag Nation 

             - Musham Song

             - Spiterm

Mohama Saz - I Hue So Y Luz

                   - Negro El Poder

                   - Kings safari




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