Feeding Time-2019-11-22- 1st Hour Of 3 / Female Folk

Nov 23, 2019 by Feeding Time

Hour 1 of 3. Taking one for the team and keeping it live for 3 hours. Some really great female folk artists. 


Laura Love - Things I Heard People Think

Laura Love and Orville Johnson - The Cookoo

Patty Griffen - Where I come From

Patty Griffen - You Never Get What You Want

Alela Diane - Pieces of String

Alela Diane - White As Diamonds

Alela Diane - The Pirates Gospel

Rachelle Van Zenten - Jerry The Rooster

Laura Marling - Devils Spoke

Laura Marling - Is A Hope


Sara Blasko - All I Want

Sara Blasko Bury This

Rachelle Van Zenten - Showerhead

Rachelle Van Zenten - Windmill

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