The Unending Subtleties of River Power [September 7, 2018]

Sep 10, 2018 by UnendingSubtleties

This week: new Spiritualized, a mini-tour of S. America, and more delightful treats new and old. 


Radar Men From The Moon & 10000 Russos: A Song To Get Rid Of The Crooked Crosses |
Primitive Air: Samadhi |
Magic Shoppe: White Coat Syndrome |
Spiritualized: The Morning After |
Spacemen 3: Losing Touch With My Mind |
Spectrum: Feels Like I’m Slipping Away |
Träden (Träd Gräs Och Stenar): Tamburan |
The Holydrug Couple: I’ll Only Say This |
Kill West: Signs |
Los Acidos: Al otro lado |
Boogarins: Auchma (Live From Bailey Park In Winston-Salem, NC) |
Moths & Locusts: Slumper |
Dreamtime: Spectral Entropy


Intro music: "Trans Martian Disko" by Moonwood. Outro music: "Seasons" by Sounds Around.

[GIF courtesy of Hexeosis.]

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