Mar 2, 2017 by FreqDown

ON this show Brand New tracks from The Sadies(CAN), The Flaming Lips(USA), The Akulas(Belgium), and Bonzai Hawaii(italy). I had some good psychobilly bands recommended to me from a listener. THANKS BOB. With a good mix of Surf, and Hot-Rod tunes both new and old. PLUS some excotic 1950's Mambo at 4:20. Oh yeah! GO-GO!!! VROOOOOOOOOMMM!!!! (please don't drink and drive)


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  1. Bob Coulter says:

    Mar 2, 2017

    Hi Trav, great show yesterday, as always, even heard my name mentioned, thanks for that. I can not access my account on you tube where all my vids are. Always miss your mail address on the show. Mine is If ya want shoot me a mail I will have you contact and send ya 2 or 3 great bands a week. Here are a couple for ya.

    Have a great day, hope you enjoy. Cheers, sustaining member Bob Coulter.

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