NCRA Equity Committee Reading Group September Discussion

Oct 24, 2014 by 42 Fish

The NCRA Equity Comittee has a Reading Group which meets bimonthly onair to discuss member suggested materials.


September was hosted by CJMP 90.1FM in Powell River.

Reading Materials can be found below:

First an interview on NonDefensive Communication in this August episode of WINGS: Sue Supriano, host of Steppin' Out of Babylon interviews Sharon Ellison, communications Counselor - website 

This link is to a 2 page pdf with great summery info on Non Defensive Communication 

This link takes you to a summary of Glen Singleton's Guide to Courageous Conversations about Race.

These 'rules' he suggests are applicable to any kind of challenging conversations not just ones about race. Again it's about communicating with other humans.

Finally a pdf of Ten Principals for approaching social justice issues through the arts. They are from a paper about using arts education to teach social justice issues however I feel the points are useful in many work environments outside of the classroom. Whether we are working on a documentary, a marathon, an episode, or just thinking about our work in the station, these ten points are good reminders of things to keep in mind or ask yourself throughout the work.

When we meet, I thought we might discuss some of our stations policies around communication, discipline, and enforcing rules or running meetings and how some of these communication methods have/could be implemented. CJMP policies can be found on our website.

Download NCRA Equity Committee Reading Group September Discussion as MP3


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