Rarified Transmissions ||| 007

Jul 5, 2018 by Rarified Transmissions


Noisey Drone and Droney Noise. Introspective abrasion in this sour era of ultranationalism.


Yellow Swans - Limited Space

Burning Star Core - Me & My Arrow

K. Leimer - Timid Desires

Eliane Radigue - Kyema (Excerpt)

Tim Hecker - Balkanize You!

Concern - God, Weak And Quiet

Sean McCann - This Was Nearly Mine

Pauline Oliveros - Bye Bye Butterfly

Tony Conrad - Four Violins (Excerpt)

Pete Swanson - Believer

Robedoor - Abandoned Shadowlands

Earth - Omens and Portents I: The Driver

Sarah Davachi - For Strings

Troum - Eolet

Oren Ambarchi - Guitar Motors

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