The Unending Subtleties of River Power [January 2, 2015]

Jan 3, 2015 by UnendingSubtleties

David rips 2015 a new one with this hi-octane first show of the new year, featuring featuring featuring and also also also. Kiss your neural networks goodbye, although don't worry they'll be back. 


Suishou No Fune: Becoming A Flower | 
Earthling Society: Aiwass | 
Lumerians: Hook For An Eye | 
Bowery Electric: Sounds In Motion / Next To Nothing | 
Daydream Machine: And I Love Her | 
Hawkwind: Space Is Deep | 
Dead Sea Apes: Wolf II | 
Anthroprophh: Returning | 
Landing: Two Veils | 
Popol Vuh: King Minos | 
Ken Camden: Eta Carinae | 
Anjou: Fieldwork | 
Eternal Tapestry: Just Call Me Whatever Is In Your Mind | 
Mystic Triangle: Silent Dream

[GIF courtesy of Davidope.]

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