The Unending Subtleties of River Power [November 14, 2014]

Nov 14, 2014 by UnendingSubtleties

This week we kick off with both sides of a split 7" single on God Unknown Records, featuring Eternal Tapestry on one side and Gnod on the other. Then it's the usual free-for-all of astounding sounds & amazing music, with a new track from Mark McGuire's Noctilucence album released this week and a live track off The Oscillation's new live album. And more! 


Eternal Tapestry: The Dream | 
Gnod: The World Is Good | 
Earthling Society: Aiwass | 
La Hell Gang: What You Want You Got It | 
Electric Moon: Spaceman | 
Moths & Locusts: Escape From Sector C | 
Mark McGuire: Noctilucence | 
The Oscillation: Corridor (Parts 1 & 2) | 
Eat Lights Become Lights: Velocet Vir Nesat | 
MIMICO: Astroblade | 
Outer Temple: Psychomanteum | 
Solar Bears: Division

[GIF courtesy of Bees and Bombs.]

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