The Unending Subtleties of River Power [September 26, 2014]

Sep 27, 2014 by UnendingSubtleties

This week we showcase the recently released compilations from The Psychedelic Underground Generation (#22) & The Active Listener (#24). As if that's not enough, we kick off with a fantastic track from Japanese band Tolchock and fill out the rest of the two hours with some great tracks new and old. 


Tolchock: Behind The Ground | 
Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest: Wilder Penfield | 
Grumbling Fur: All The Rays | 
Holograma: In Your Head | 
Papernut Cambridge: When She Said What She Said | 
White Manna: Sweet Jesus (Live in Stengade) | 
The Red Belmont: Reminiscence | 
Magic Shoppe: Midnight In The Garden Of Evil | 
Buried Feather: Plates | 
The Citradels: Slow Burn | 
Morgan Delt: Beneath The Black & Purple | 
Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms | 
Goblin: Profondo Rosso | 
White Hills: Pads Of Light | 
Teeth Of The Sea: Black Strategy | 
Sunfighter: Transmitting From The Mountain | 
Flying Saucer Attack: Soaring High

[GIF courtesy of ZOLLOC.]

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