42 Fish Episode 55: #BCPoli #Trash #WITAF #HarperMustGo

May 20, 2014 by 42 Fish

Aside from the incredibly groovy music from Paris DJ's, The Cactus Channel, The Brand New Life and London Afrobeat Collective, Abby from the Powell River Let's Talk Trash team attempts to explain the new MMBC Recycling Initiative.

PLEASE GOOGS the Board of directors for MMBC. (never mind here it is): 

  • John Coyne, Chair, Unilever Canada
  • Denis Brisebois, Treasurer, Metro
  • Christine Bome, Walmart
  • Scott Bonikowsky, Tim Hortons Inc.
  • Robert Chant, Loblaw Companies Limited
  • Dave Moran, Coca Cola Refreshments Canada
  • Gord Meyer, Procter & Gamble

I often think that Coca Cola and Walmart have my best interest at heart. These people decided on your new recycling plan BC. (They are based in Ontario)

AND THEN! Murray Dobbin shows up!
AWD Politics is on fire with Murray's latest article on Rabble.


The Mothership fills your earholes and tickles your cilica with thoughts to think!

Googs: Banksey, Marshall McCluhan, Hidden Messages in Advertising, MMBC, National Gateway owners and advertising budget, The Walrus Magazine 

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