The Pow!Town GetDown 2013-11-22

Nov 23, 2013 by PowTown

This week in the first hour we're exlporing reggae songs about WATER! Why? Because DJ Triple Dub spent all day troubleshooting his rural well and waer system!! Second hour mostly 90bpm Dance Hall and DnB !

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The Unending Subtleties of River Power [November 22, 2013]

Nov 23, 2013 by UnendingSubtleties

This week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the death of Aldous Huxley, psychedelic pioneer and all-round good guy. But more than that, we spin some crazy tunes and generally let ourselves go with no regard for human decency or anything. 


Love: Seven And Seven Is | 
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Galaxy Gramophone | 
Primal Scream: Burning Wheel | 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Love Burns | 
Texture & Light: 17 + Heather | 
Gary War: Pleading For Annihilation | 
Emeralds: Alive In The Sea Of Information | 
Moonwood: Trans Lunar Express 2 | 
Warm Digits: Working For A Better Future | 
Muñeco: El experimento | 
The Cult Of Dom Keller: Nowhere To Land | 
White Manna: Acid Head | 
Wooden Shjips: These Shadows | 
The Asteroid No. 4: Ghosts Of Dos Erres | 
Indian Jewelry: Guns | 
White Noise Sound: There Is No Tomorrow | 
Elephant Stone: Setting Sun | 
Outer Temple: Magma Baby | 
Eat Lights Become Lights: Bound For Magic Mountain | 
Oneohtrix Point Never: Zebra

Download The Unending Subtleties of River Power [November 22, 2013] as MP3