Every Day Is Like Sunday 2013-04-05

Apr 6, 2013 by EveryDay

Guests galore this week!  Bad Karen welcomes CBC 3 host Grant Lawrence and chanteuse Jill Barber to the studio, and Nicholas Simons is in the house as well.  Plus music from The The, Audio Bullys, C2C, Budokan, Stars, Besnard Lakes, and so much more.


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Fuzz // Phase // Delay - April 3

Apr 6, 2013 by FUZZ PHASE DELAY
Sonic Youth // Mote // Goo [1990]
Black Mountain // No Satisfaction // Black Mountain [2005]
The Besnard Lakes // People of the Sticks // Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO [2013]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Skeleton // It's Blitz! [2009]
Grizzly Bear // Knife // Yellow House [2006]
Waaves // I Can't Dream // Afraid Of Heights [2013]
The White Stripes // I'm Finding It Harder to be a Gentleman // White Blood Cells [2002]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra // The Opposite Of Afternoon // II [2013]
Deerhunter // Monomania // Monomania [2013 - upcoming]
Youth Lagoon // Sleep Paralysis // Wondrous Bughouse [2013]
Wolf Parade // We Built Another World // Apologies to the Queen Mary [2005]
Frederick Squire // Old Times PAst New Times // March 12 [2010]
Aimee Mann // Lost In Space // Lost In Space [2002]
Band Of Horses // Cigarettes, Wedding Bands // Cease To Begin [2007]
Real Estate // All The Same // Days [2011]
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Apr 6, 2013 by Freeheel Radio

The mostly Vinyl Episode!!  Mr. T. Refix lent me a second needle (which I haven't returned yet, yikes, today I swear) so I could play vinyl non stop!


I had a great time check it out.  Fantastic music for cleaning on a lazy saturday or sunday.

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Apr 6, 2013 by PowTown

New tunes! Dub Poetry! Ganja Reggae! DUBDUBDUB!!


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The Unending Subtleties of River Power [April 5, 2013]

Apr 6, 2013 by UnendingSubtleties

David bats 1000 this week: new tracks from Implodes, Pan•American, & Benoit Pioulard, a back-to-back comparison of two versions of "Transparent Radiation", plus the usual shitpile of awesome music. TURN IT UP! 


Ebeling Hughes: Transfigured | 
The Asteroid No. 4: All Fall Down | 
Emeralds: Search For Me In The Wasteland | 
Air: J'ai dormi sous l'eau | 
Implodes: Scattered In The Wind | 
Föllakzoid: IV, III, II, I | 
Pan•American: Glass Room At The Airport | 
Benoit Pioulard: Gospel | 
Toro Y Moi: Intro Chi Chi | 
Warm Ghost: Resignation Rights | 
Panda Bear: Ponytail | 
White Hills: Under Skin Or By Name | 
The Red Crayola: Transparent Radiation | 
Spacemen 3: Transparent Radiation | 
Experimental Aircraft: The Pod | 
Windy & Carl: Awhile | 
Mazzy Star: Blue Flower

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