An Even Keel

Mar 25, 2013 by

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre-Dr Phibes & the Ten Plagues, Telestar-The Tornados, Hiruko-Hitoshi Kojo+La Forme du Temp est un Cercle-Franςois Bayle+Leiyla Visatations Eleven, Two-Halim El-Dabh+Regaining Composure-Keith Fullerton Whitman+Shigemi, Kumoma-Hitoshi Kojo+Ra at Dawn-Sunn O))) meets Nurse with Wound+Untitled-Thurston Moore+John Moloney, Abatatchen Hoy (Pater Noster)-Alèmu Aga, Evasion-Christof Migone+Simple Pleasures Burn Incredible Images into the Mind-Yohimbe+Party Balloon-Steven Jesse Bernstein+Blauwellen-Frieder Butzmann+Demonstration at the Terminal-Pietro Grossi+The Whip-The Frantics+Princess with Orange Feet-Suzanne Ciani+Dysnystaxis-Sunn O))) meets Nurse with Wound+dog-+DOG++Leiyla Visitations Thirteen-Halim El-Dabh+Material & Technology-Element Orchestra+Thumper-Dan Friel+Looking to Cop-Jason Crumer+Overlap-Element Orchestra

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