Feeding Time-2023-11-24

Nov 25, 2023 by Feeding Time

Playlist Not In Order:

Juldeh Camera - AFH Live 2012
Bourne & McLoad - Ole Buffalo
Jesse Cooke - Luna Llena
Alph Bondy - Jerusalem 
Ten Years After - WoodChoppers Ball
Woody Herman - WoodChoppers Ball
Tragically Hip - The kids Don't Get It
Sumru Agiruruyen - Chantez Chantez
Liboi - Upendo
Aikido - Awade
Mangals Camera - Minye Minye
Johnny Lytle - Tawid
Novalima - Sanandome
Alba Griot Ensemble - Long Way Home
Sumru Agiruruyen - Beyaz Gece
Amadou & Marium - Cantez Chantez
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